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For as long as I could remember Maxis has been releasing Sims games, Sims expansions, and Sims content packages at an alarming rate, and now without breaking a stride is The Sims 3 on June 2, 2009. The Sims 3 is a much anticipated title that is expected to greatly expand what our virtual families can do. Here at Gamer Syndrome, we have been able to¬† provide a comprehensive review of The Sims 3 before it’s release, enjoy!

The Sims 3 begins much like the previous title, with an extensive customization feature. In the Sims 3 however, extensive would be an understatement as many aspects of this customization have been greatly enhanced. First of all, there are now six stages in life to choose from: Toddler, Child, Teenager, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder. Skin color is now on a gradient slider to allow perfect skin choice, as well as allowing you to control a Sim that looks like the Incredible Hulk. There is also a gradient slider for weight, allowing for a perfect choice in character weight. Having both of these customization options on a slider is much appreciated for anyone who played Sims 2 and ran into limitations. The hair type as well as facial construction tools are relatively similar to The Sims 2, although a slider as been allowed for eye color, another feature that greatly improved an area of annoyance.


The clothing option has been redesigned as well, allowing you to actually choose specific colors for each and every garment. The choices are incredible, including almost every type of clothing you could possibly conceive of, and even some you never would have thought existed. The personality menu has been greatly improved, and allows players to even choose the specific voice for their Sim (although its still all gibberish). The Sims 3 also allows you to develop a personality with a choice of over 60 traits, which lets you create the most complex Sims to date. The traits are often straightforward and obvious, but there are also a number of “bad” traits like “cursed” or even “evil”. This allows players to create Sims that essentially just annoy and even attack other Sims.. cool eh.

The game also uses a system which constructs goals based on the personality of the Sim, and rewards you for reaching those goals. Some of these rewards are standard gadgets that enhance your Sims life, but also added are Sim enhancements, that allow your Sim to clean faster or even slack off at work. These rewards are tiered at different prices, and the higher level awards are simply astounding with things like the “moodlet manager” that allows you to remove negative influences to your Sims mood and even a teleportation pad. In short, The Sims 3 is full of new suprises, and these are just the beginning.


The Sims 3 also expands greatly on the social interaction aspect of the series, and the game includes many new features in this area. Firstly, chat options are grouped into the more specific subcategories of : Friendly, Funny, Mean, Romantic and Special. Most are straightforward, except “special” which allows you to interact based on your personality traits, which mean if your Sim is master chef, you can trade recipes, or if your Sim is financially driven, you can try to acquire a business contact. Also, when interacting with other Sims, the relationship bar is no longer a meter out of 100, it is now much harder and complex to built relationships, as you must discover their personality traits and so on. This is much improved from the previous game, as every Sim I talked to seemed to end up getting romantically involved with my Sim, or vice versa.

The Sims 3 also has an extensive downtown area for your Sims to explore, and the choices are impressive. Players can eat at a restaurant or a bar, go shopping for unique items, and even buy businesses if you are so inclined, the choices seem endless. Many of the skills like cooking, fishing, and gardening have been greatly improved, and are extremely in depth. You can collect recipes as a cook, plant specific things as a gardener, and even fish for a rarer catch as your skill increases.


In short, The Sims 3 improves on almost every aspect of The Sims 2 from character customization to Sim interaction. The choices are simply amazing, and players can almost do anything and buy any conceivable item at this point. The Sims 3 encourages you explore beyond your home, and greatly awards you for doing so in many different ways. If you are a fan of the Sims series or even a newcomer to the genre, The Sims 3 is definitely worth the money, so get ready to grab your copy on June 2nd.

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  1. I havent had a chance to pick this up yet but I am eager to play it. I have played all the previous sims and what with all the expansion packs it got a little messy-not to mention a big load for my computer….

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