Star Wars The Old Republic Gamescom Demonstration

At GamesCom, Bioware had a detailed demonstration of the Gameplay features and classes at Star Wars: The Old Republic. They showed us the Bounty hunter, the Sith warrior and the smuggler. Along with their unique story system, the battle system and what decisions you’ll have to make in the game(just like KOTOR). No more spoiling, watch the videos:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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  1. I’m upset because I won’t be able to play this one, and the story choices will be nothing like that of the other two which I adore and still play. I don’t play PC games, and even if I did I would not pay monthly for them. For the cost of an MMO, I could use gamefly (more so then already). Even Mass Effect was a big disappointment for me. It was a solid game don’t get me wrong, but it had so many flaws compared to when KOTOR came out.

  2. To me it looked like BioWare made the choices to be EXACTLY like KOTOR. For example, when that sith had to choose whether the captain lives or dies. You’re considering the fact, that MMORPG cost monthly fees a con? I don’t care how much the game costs – i’ll play it. I’ve paid for more than enough MMO’s already, and i’ve never been so excited about one like that.

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