Sims 3 World Adventures: Tomb Box

Further information has been released on the forthcoming expansion pack Sims 3 World Adventures. An article at Kotaku goes into detail about the new basement tool and some of the items  you’ll need to create your very own tomb. But chances are most gamers will not pay attention to any of that and instead use the tool to create a den belonging to what could be described as a “basement dweller”. You know the type; the overgrown man child living in their parent’s basement. You just know it’s only a matter of time.

The items are generally those you would see in a typical level of Tomb Raider,  such as switches, wall and floor traps and movable statues (well, maybe more movable blocks in Tomb Raider’s case, but oh well…).  Perhaps the most interesting feature here is the Tomb Object or “Fogger” which allows you to conceal rooms which have yet to be investigated by the Sim player. Each object has a special range of customizations, from loading your traps with substances such as fire and darts to choosing to allow what is seen and not seen, effectively allowing the player to create their own puzzles. This could well add a new dimension to the Sims exchange, where a player could download a tomb that’s completely new to them and thus brings forth a unique level of difficulty as well as a new set of challenges.

Oh, for those who were wondering what mummies got up to in their sarcophagus, like I did in my last article, it turns out they don’t do anything in them. Mummies simply spawn from them, like how enemies spawn from the squared shaped pod like objects you find in Gauntlet. Sims can sleep in them though. Which sounds weird. They can also woohoo in them. Er, really? I mean, isn’t the sarcophagus an equivalent to the coffin? Isn’t this sort of flirting alongside the borders of necrophilia? I suppose not if both Sims are alive…

But wait, in Sims 2: University you had those zombie Sims, who apparently couldn’t have children. But did anybody ever, um, “check” just to find out? In Sims 2: Nightlife you had vampires. In coffins. Elsewhere, there seems to a report of Sims 3 Sims “woohooing” with a playable grim reaper, also said to be available on the exchange.

Good grief! Apparently Sims can also use the sarcophagus as a hiding place, which is exactly how I’ll be using mine.

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