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Did you know that, even today, nearly 11 years after it’s release Baldur’s Gate is still considered one of the greatest CRPG’s ever created..

Looks like the food is enough.

Baldur’s Gate.. no matter how hard you try, you just can’t find a way to describe a game like that. So, let’s start with an introduction – Baldur’s Gate is a computer role playing game developed by Bioware and published by Black Isle. The game is set in the fantasy world of “Forgotten Realms” and uses the 2nd edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules. You, my friend are the child of Baal – and, as such you are obviously destined for glory.

Magic plays a huge role in any fantasy RPG.

Of course, you won’t travel alone. During your travels you will meet all kinds of characters that will fight alongside you, trusting you their darkest secrets.. They all have their own opinion, and react differently to your actions. Should you be mean to them, they will most likely abandon you. If you are nice – they will grow to like you. You can choose whom to take and whom to leave. Surviving alone is impossible. The characters are one of the things you will grow to love most about the game. Like Minsc, the mighty warrior that talks.. to a hamster. Each character has it’s own story for you to discover. It’s entirely up to you. The world of Amn is enormous and free to explore, if you can survive. The world is rough, especially compared to other Bioware games like Kotor or Neverwinter Nights, which were great but compared to Baldur’s Gate – way too easy. The game was incredibly detailed in terms of it’s RPG Rules and you could go on for hours just reading character stories, item details and statistics. The content of the game was immense. Even compared to today’s top RPG’s Baldur’s Gate is an excellent game. If you don’t like detailed RPG’s and want to keep it simple – play Diablo. But if you are a true hardcore RPG Gamer and haven’t played Baldur’s Gate – fix this mistake immediatelly.

Sailing is boring..

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  1. I’ve actually never did too well at this (still completed it though), but I did damn well in the second one. The biggest headache of this game is how frail your character is, and unless you understand AD&D mechanics (which not all of us do), it can be a very difficult game.

    My druid Azelea always wound up getting chunked every time he took a critical hit. XD, but by the end of Baldur’s Gate 2 though, he was a freaking monster, even without -that- power.

  2. Well, i’m not such a D&D fan myself, but i know what you mean – that’s why i wrote that compared to the newer Bioware games, Baldur’s Gate is much more hardcore oriented. That’s why i hope, that Dragon Age will prove more of a challenge.
    p.s. I also did alot better on Baldur’s Gate 2 😀

  3. Staff of the Ram FTW. End of story. Ever gotten that in it at all? Once you get it upgraded, it goes from excellent weapon to “I’ll smack you across the face and send you flying clear across the room, weakling! Eat fireball you pitiful mortal! I’m not done with you! Running? Oh no no you’re just getting tossed about! Eat magic missle!”

    Freaking loved that staff. When you start to get all the good weapons in that game, it’s well worth it.

    I never did use Slayer though, it’s ridiculously powerful, but it really tears into your reputation, not to mention overusing it kills you outright.

  4. blueheavens, if you’ve never played the game, don’t comment it! God! The game has nothing to do with Heroes! Why are you even posting if you don’t have anything to say!?

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