7 of the Best Tower Defense Games to Get Your Teeth Into

Tower defense isn’t cool or sexy, and they barely even count as RTS games. But these days there are so many of them one might imagine the need to defeat hordes of foes with statically placed defensive towers being a part of every day life. There is something oddly rewarding about tower defense games, though. Even if it a successful strategy essentially boils down to building the right tower or upgrade at the right time, and in the right place.

Here is my rundown of 7 of the best tower defense games online and in stores at the moment (actually best is a fancy way of saying I liked them the most)

7. Flash elements td

flash elements tdThis fairly generic example of an online flash tower defense game has two versions, both available to play online. The first is actually pretty funny, some of the initial waves being made up of sheep, wolves and small boys. The second is bland, yet slightly better looking, with the enemies – or ‘creeps’ – being a nondescript array of some kind of aliens or monsters.

bonus: it’s free! play it here

flash craft6. Flash craft

This is the second online flash incarnation of the genre. It is a little different from other online varieties as it has a larger map area than you can fit on the screen, and must scroll around, which is fine – but can make big swarms a bit confusing. It also features tower research (a little like savage moon, below). The sound effects are good, but after one level I was sick of the ‘job’s done!’ announcement, or the gruff voice of denial informing me I did not have enough gold.

This on is free online as well

5. Turret defense

turet defenseThe name says it all. This free online flash version is set in some modern day war or other. It has production values (compared to some other flash games anyway) by featuring little fmvs, an animated face that barks instructions at you, and a nice music player. There are a few distinct levels to the game, starting defending a simple road, then onto a road with walls about it, and on again to a road by THE SEA (gasp). It forces itself to be absorbing because you are not allowed to pause unless you are being talked to… and this contributes to how unforgiving it is, because should you lose you go right back to the beginning again! Some of the vehicles fire back at you which can get a little annoying.

It costs £87 from this online… no its free really

4. Destop Tower Defense

desktop tower defenseThe last of the flash versions, and this one ranks a little higher because it is the first online version I properly got into. It is fairly generic, featuring a standard range of towers and various mobs of creeps that are made up of circles, or teardrop shapes – but sound a little like lemmings. The battlefield is your desk – which is a nice idea. There is a little scribbling sound as you place your towers like you are drawing them onto the desk. Most of the levels are quite open, forcing you to shape the creeps with your amazingly strategic walls of towers. It has a big range of game options: a sandox mode, survival modes and a big collection of scenarios.

Play it here

3. Savage Moon

savagen moonAvailable to buy on the PlayStation 3 network, savage moon is arguably the best looking tower defense game listed here. It is a good challenge, and has fair strategic depth because bugs might pop up from any number of spawn points put in a level (which there are lots of in later levels). You also have to place your turrets either on rock or on flat ground. The latter leaves the towers open to attack from the aliens. The premise of the game might as well have been lifted directly from ‘starship troopers’. Humanity has set up a bunch of colonies on a few moons but – oh no! They are infested with swarms and swarms of aliens. Who knew.

During the game you are required to research and develop new turrets to battle the bugs – but I found that once coming up with one particular tactic the game stopped being a challenge.

2. Defense grid: the awakening

defense grid: the awakeningEasily the one I have spent most time playing. The concept is nothing new, but the execution is brilliant. The commentator to your swarm slaying efforts is a humorous  British accented AI that is responsible for running your network of towers. I just couldn’t get enough of his quips. In terms of difficulty the curve is perfect, initially a breeze but later on you will definitely need a lot of tries to get the technique right. There is a massive range of towers and creeps, although a few of the towers I only used to get the steam achievement.

The game oozes charm and unsurprisingly recieved high critical acclaim

1.plants vs zombies

plants versus zombiesThe zombie apocalypse arrives, you are trapped in your house. What do you do? install barbed wire? emplaced weaponry? Not if you are in Plants vs Zombies! (That image is not from the game, by the way, just what I envisioned when I first heard about the game.)

It differs a great deal from the other 6 here, because the zombies do not wander down a pre-set winding path. Instead they just march across 5 or 6 lanes of your garden in their hordes, and you simply have to stop them with whatever plants you can get together. It has oodles of humour and charm. You must choose the seeds you want to take for each level to defend your home, so planning ahead is crucial. all the more so as levels come in a few different flavours where some plants are more effective, creating some interesting game styles. This kind of variety sets this game above others of it’s type. There are lots of game modes: 20 mini games, 20 puzzle modes, and 11 survival modes. In the steam version you also have a pretty hefty assortment of achievements you can aim for.

There are masses of plants and zombies. From Whacko-Jacko zombies that can summon a thriller team of dancer zombies to moonwalk across the lawn at you; to dolphin riding varieties clad in scuba gear. A zombie apocalypse is usually portrayed in games or movies as a pretty bleak experience. In pvz however, with it’s brightly coloured, cartoonish, graphics; it’s comical zombies; and it’s cheerful plants: bopping away to the music and gobbling up sunshine, it makes the whole affair completely fun and light hearted. Such a a note that is found in the in game help menu and reads: just sit there and don’t do anything. You win the game when the Zombies get to your houze.

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