Steam Weekend Deals – 7/17/09

Been craving some tactical World World II action? Steam’s got you covered – this weekend the Brothers in Arms games are 50-60% off.

Brothers in Arms is a different kind of World War II series. You have to think about strategy – where to place your squads, how to flank your enemies, and how to survive with as many soldiers left as possible. Trying to beat any of these first person shooters without using your AI comrades will end your game quickly.

The original game, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 ($4.99, reg. $9.99), was released in March, 2005. It was critically acclaimed for of its tactical game play and engrossing plot, a departure for the time. Many drew parallels between Road to Hill 30 and the HBO mini series Band of Brothers. Metacritic has scored it as an 87.

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood brought the series to an urban environment, on a campaign from Carentan to Normandy. The October 4, 2005, released game was praised and criticized for its similarities to Road to Hill 30 – the minor enhancements  added to the game, but also made it strikingly similar to its predecessor. It’s Metacritic rating is 84.

The headliner of the sale is Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway ($14.99, reg. $29.99), originally released in Fall, 2008. While the first two games were developed to be on par with the Playstation 2 and Xbox, Hell’s Highway utilized the next generation of hardware to create the game that is the best of the bunch. It holds a Metacritic score of 81. Still not sure if the game is for you? Check out the game play video (from the Playstation 3 version) below:

[gametrailers 39823]

Buying all three games as a pack will also save you $5 ($19.99, reg. $49.97).

Those are not the only deals this weekend on Steam. In honor of launching their new Family Games genre, you can save 20% or more on selected titles. Not a “family game guy?” The Complete Popcap Collection is 25% off ($74.99, $99.99). That 30-game pack includes Bejeweled 2, Bookworm, Peggle, Peggle Nights, and Plants vs. Zombies among others. Plants vs. Zombies is also on a seperate sale for $7.50, reg. $9.99.  If you’ve never heard of the game, I hope this video clears it up:

[gametrailers 47577]

Plants vs. Zombies is a “lawn defense” game – zombies are trying to get into your house, and all you have to defend yourself are packets of seeds that will sprout plants to fight back. Imagine a tower defense game with humor: the different types of zombies include zamboni drivers, track and field stars, and dancers.

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  1. Gah, and I bought those physical a while ago. I keep forgetting I have an account on Steam, but I don’t use it all that much due to no longer having fast internet. I’ll be able to use it more once I get wireless though.

    The first on the list is my favorite, since I’m used to games like AvP and XIII, I tend to rush in guns blazing, and as a result, I get a very quick game over. XD

  2. Based on a very famous movie and my personal favourites “Saving Private Ryan” this game is a mix up of action and strategy with a nice storyline. One thing i dun like abt this game is the too long in-game movies and too much realism.

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