Shattered Horizon – “Moonrise” Content Pack Announced

Shattered Horizon – “Moonrise” Content Pack Announced

Players complained and Futuremark has responded with great force.  They have released news that a new content pack is already on the way just weeks following the original release date of the much anticipated but highly scrutinized game.  This new “Moonrise pack” will be a free upgrade to all players that have purchased the retail version and will essentially double the number of missions/levels in the game.

HELSINKI, FINLAND – NOVEMBER 16, 2009 – Futuremark® Games Studio today revealed plans for the first content pack for Shattered Horizon™, their PC exclusive multiplayer first-person shooter. The “Moonrise” pack, which will be free to all players, will include four new levels effectively doubling the number of levels in the game.

In Shattered Horizon, a catastrophic explosion on the Moon has filled near-Earth space with billions of tons of rocky debris. Teams of players fight in zero gravity to control the limited supplies that mean the difference between survival and death in the cold of space. The Moonrise content pack includes four new levels set around the shattered Moon, taking the fight deeper into space and showing a new side to the conflict.

Although a release date for the Moonrise pack has not been announced, players who pre-ordered Shattered Horizon will be invited to start play-testing the new levels this week.

“Selected players will help us test the new Moonrise levels from a very early stage,” said Antti Summala, lead designer. “Level design for zero gravity combat is a big challenge and we are looking forward to having real players help us create new experiences that cannot be found in other FPS games.”

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