Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a first person tactical shooter developed for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Dragon Rising is the second installment of the Flashpoint series and takes on a fictional island named Skira in the summer of May 2011. The plot takes us after the Global Economic Crisis causes huge unemployment and political destabilization in China. The PLA has seized control over Skira and the huge, newly discovered oil reserves there from the Russian Federation. Peace talks are proven to be useless unless both parties lay claim to Skira due to the previous owners of it. The situation then begins to deteriorate as China begins to fortify its military installments in the northern part of the country in anticipation of armed conflict with the Russians. Russia has already set a few attacks of its own by already countering PLA on the Chinese mainland. With the situation already gone to worse, Russia calls in for the aid of the United States of America to retake Skira from the Chinese. Russia together with America, bounds together to retake Skira from the Chinese and these armies clash in the island.

Skira is actually a real-world island named Kiska, which is located on the western end of the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. The developers wanted to have a sandbox feel of the game and so they’ve manage to copy the whole 277.698km2. The island Skira is a volcanic place with varied terrain. At the other end of the island lies a stratovolcano. There is also a ridge of a thousand plus mountains that runs down one side with numerous lakes and rivers. In the real world the island would take 9 hours on foot, 4 hours with a jeep and 20 minutes by helicopter.

In Dragon Rising, you control a squad of US Marines tasked with various missions on the island of Skira, which is probably overrun by Chinese forces. Many gameplay elements such as First Person view have been included in the game. Complex tactics of orders work in your disposal, from which can easily be executed with 1-3 button pushes. You can easily command your army to engage other combatants in the battlefield to either, assault, follow, scout ahead, flank, suppress and the like. You could also use a wide variety of vehicles like APCs and Helicopters in some parts of the mission. You also have the ability to use the vehicles themselves like you want to gun, pilot or drive or simply just command them at your ease. You also have the ability to call in airstrikes and artillery support to help you on with your missions.

There are over 70 weapons in the game, all supported with a realistic ballistic system. Weapons include from pistols, sub-machine guns, artillery, large bombs and many other more. There are also over 50 different land, air and sea vehicles in the game that includes boats, tanks, APC’s, and helicopters. Also the developers have created many faces in the game so that there are no two soldiers share the same face.

To sum it all up, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is your average game. There are some moments of the game that makes it suffer but in the end it manages to wrap it up into a unique tactical military game.

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