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Its like an invastion of LEGO this year! ever since hitting it big with the first few LEGO games it seems like weekly LEGO has something being released with those little block characters in it!,  this time however its the much anticipated Lego Universe being launched this year.  If you are a lego fan this is basically the “ultimate” lego game where anything is possible.  Check out the screenshots below to see the many worlds you can build in!

October 23, 2009 New LEGO Universe screenshots and key visuals are now available, providing a sneak-peek into the MMOG launching in 2010. The images show off a range of experiences available to players, from building a rocket ship to exploring vibrant zones and battling enemies. The first MMOG based on the LEGO play experience, LEGO Universe invites fans of all ages to build, play and make friends with others from around the world in a creative setting.

The latest key visual – “Build” – represents the power of building and customization that is core to the LEGO Universe experience. Limited only by the boundaries of their imagination, players will be able to build with an abundant supply of virtual bricks. And they’ll be able to add these creations to their own personal space or to areas within the game’s diverse environments.

Screenshots give a glimpse into the depth of LEGO Universe:
“Spaceship” – A rapidly disintegrating spaceship is the dramatic setting for the first location in LEGO Universe. Players must familiarize themselves with their minifig avatar and build a rocket to exit the zone safely.

“Pirates” – In a rocky cove on the edge of Gnarled Forest, pirates offload cargo from their ship and ponder how it came to be stuck in a tree.

“Battle” – Minifigs take on a hostile robotic creature, while in the background, evidence of a breakout signals that a potentially greater menace awaits.

“Build Challenge” – In Gnarled Forest, minifigs prepare to cross a broken bridge that stands high over a menacing ravine. Tension and excitement build as they work together to problem-solve and repair the collapsed overpass.

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