Killing floor level up pack available free now

The killing floor level up pack is now available for download free.  There are actually some pretty cool new perks and weapons included in this one such as the 7th Perk: Demolition and the shotgun additions.

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 23 October 2009– Premier videogames publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Tripwire Interactive have yesterday released a huge free content pack for Killing Floor named ‘Level Up’, as well as the Defence Alliance mod. Killing Floor was released over Steam earlier this year and has been one of the its best selling shooters, triggering Iceberg Interactive to take over European retail release for the exciting co-op horror shooter.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder said: “Our friends at Tripwire Interactive really deserve a lot of credit for caring for the community so much. They keep supporting their game and keep releasing great new content for the addictive 6 player co-op shooter that is Killing Floor. It is uncanny that such a huge update with so many extra’s is released for free and I believe this is not even the end of it. At Iceberg we’re very excited to play this update and recommend that anyone who has a taste for horror survival and co-op shooters, does exactly that as well. I may not be objective but I really recommend this very, very highly: it’s actually inexpensive, guarantees months of fun and enjoys continuous support and expansions.“

In celebration of the Free Content Pack a Free Weekend will run from Thursday 22nd through Sunday 25th October and will allow anyone to play the full game, including all the additional free content, all weekend. If you already own the game, the ‘Level Up’ content pack will update automatically. If you have never tried Killing Floor, get it now from your local retail store or click here to start the pre-load:

The details for the Free Content Pack:

• 3 New maps: Bedlam, Wyre and Waterworks.

• New specimen: the Husk. Adds more tactics to the game as this is a long range attacking enemy.

• Introduction of a 7th Perk: Demolition. With this new Perk you become a specialist in proximity charges and grenade launchers, adding even more tactical depth to the team’s ability to stop the advancing hordes.

• A new perk level for all perks increasing the max level from 5 up to 6 including new benefits for all classes.

• 7 New Weapons, varying from the medic gun to cure teammates from a distance, to various automatic guns and shotgun additions, as well as several weapons for the all new Demolition Perk.

• 20+ New Steam Achievements, upping the total to 60+. Getting them all feeds the need to play.

• Revamped User Interface.

• The first ever total conversion mod for Killing Floor entitled “Defense Alliance 2” released over Steam as an official mod for KF.

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