Killing Floor: level up trailer

Check out the Killing floor level up trailer featuring some of the new features from the level up pack now free to download.

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 26 October 2009 – To celebrate the launch of the free Killing Floor “Level Up” content pack last week, Tripwire Interactive and Iceberg Interactive have released a brand new trailer to showcase the new features and content added in the pack. We have noticed a staggering climb in players over the demo-weekend and the new content seemed to go down very well. If you didn’t grab your chance yet, watch this new trailer now and enter the engrossing world of Killing Floor. The trailer can be found on GamesPress, the Iceberg Interactive website or the official Killing Floor website:

The details for the Free Content Pack:

• 3 New maps: Bedlam, Wyre and Waterworks.

• New specimen: the Husk. Adds more tactics to the game as this is a long range attacking enemy.

• Introduction of a 7th Perk: Demolition. With this new Perk you become a specialist in proximity charges and grenade launchers, adding even more tactical depth to the team’s ability to stop the advancing hordes.

• A new perk level for all perks increasing the max level from 5 up to 6 including new benefits for all classes.

• 7 New Weapons, varying from the medic gun to cure teammates from a distance, to various automatic guns and shotgun additions, as well as several weapons for the all new Demolition Perk.

• 20+ New Steam Achievements, upping the total to 60+. Getting them all feeds the need to play.

• Revamped User Interface.

• The first ever total conversion mod for Killing Floor entitled “Defense Alliance 2” released over Steam as an official mod for KF.


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