Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse Review

Fallen Earth: Welcome to the Apocalypse may be heading straight for a real apocalypse. Fallen Earth developed by Noth Carolina-based Icarus Studio is a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game for the PC.  Gameplay features of Fallen Earth include First Person Shooter with some Role-Playing game elements present in the game.

Fallen Earth’s story takes place between the 21st Century when numerous natural disasters hit the United States, as Americans recover, an investment tycoon by the name of Brenhauer buys everything and moves his headquarters GlobalTech, in the Grand Canyon. He creates a self-sufficient economy enough to survive its own.  Meanwhile in India and Pakistan, a deadly virus known as Shiva infects the whole nation wiping out every population. Combined with nuclear conflicts paranoia begins to take place leaving a world of few remaining human survivors.

The game is set based on the true to life location and real –world topographical map of the Grand Canyon. The whole world map of the game spans over 1000 square kilometers of usable terrain. The environments are zoneless and set in many sectors which can be advanced through players own pace that sets the story-arc of the game. Some parts of the maps are restricted and unreachable but can later on be access as the story progress.

Fallen Earth‘s vision of future is surely an apocalyptic one. Horrible mutants roam the desolate place, splinter groups worship computer AI’s and gamers rummage through the desolate wasteland in search for useful items and scavenge junkyards that are full of rubbish just to survive. It feels like more of a Fallout typical environment with the rummage and selling stuff.

Starting your very first hours is punishing. You start Fallen Earth seeking help from other players slowly asking them to help you earn your bearings. It will take hours before you start leveling up and be part of the environment scavenging parts to trade.  Combat in Fallen Earth, would typically be the worse you could ever find. Enemies run toward you and position themselves in odd ways and if you defeat a human enemy, its ragdoll will fly over thirty-feet into the air before landing. With regards to missions and quest, they don’t update that much often. Game performance are terrible, you would often see players teleport around like crazy due to the lag spikes and crashes.

Yet with all the clutter, quests still remains extremely well written and most of them are fun. Quests are great at exploring the Grand Canyon and you would be entertained with the amount of detail and story they put in the missions themselves. Just like every MMO game, you can take the quest on solo or have a friend to look after you in defeating baddies, the choice is still up to you.

Sorry to break your bubble, but this post-apocalyptic game does possess a huge array of troubles and glitches that will make your game more bleak than it was. For starters it has the most bugs one could ever find in the game, and I’m not saying bugs like small yucky critters that roam around the place but rather the bugs like the technical aspect of the game.  Technical flaws and the lack of MMOG standard elements make this game more apocalyptic than its name suggests.

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  1. I don’t know why, but while playing this my only thought was that the authors of the game did not understand the whole idea behind the post-apocalyptic world and just wanted to make a Fallout MMO. Sad. But hey, we still have Global Agenda.

  2. I honestly believe that this game has a hell of a lot of potential. Despite the painfully obvious Fallout inspiration and a number of glitches, the world is pretty damn extensive and the gameplay is genuinely enjoyable. If Icarus Studio put in a little time to iron out the plethora of issues, Fallen Earth could very well be a great game.

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