Dragon Age Origins: Game Play Review

It has been a while since the release of an epic RPG. Bethesda had its time, so it is time for Bioware to show its true power with this overdue release. Dragon Age: Origins is not like Oblivion or Fallout 3 in that it is not an adaptation or sequel of anything, but an original. They built this one from the ground up, which is in stark contrast to their past titles that are mostly from the Forgotten RealmsĀ  or the Star Wars franchise. This one has its own system and storyline, which is usually a hit-or-miss for most developers. But Bioware hit this one big as Dragon Age: Origins is definitely an instant classic.

It is not the premise that brings forth multiple rounds of awesome in this game, but the plot twists and turns that seems to be littered in this game like caltrops to slow down incoming rampaging elephant. It may be nearly impossible for your emotions to keep from getting shaken by the different events you’ll encounter in this brilliant game. Your character can change as you go through the different non-linear branches of the game timeline like you’re on a journey from manic depression to paranoid schizophrenia in this emotional rollercoaster.

Character customization is pretty good in this game, although most ly from presets. However, this is alright since you can only customize so much in the first place like race, gender, facial features, body structure, and so on. Everything else is gained through the gameplay. Also, you have NPC companions to accompany you in your journey, but not quietly or predictable like in other RPG’s. A lot of them have sharp tongues and attitudes that may mimic your girlfriend’s mood swings almost with 100% accuracy. This is, of course, a good thing since it is definitely more fun than watching television to see different sorts of characters bicker at each other while on a journey to thwart an evil force from destroying the known world.

The enemies are not the usual cannon fodder and strength alone will not squash their heads clean with your giant axe. The combat system has more sophistication in that there are so many spells and skills to choose from. Character-building will definitely be a fun chore, which is usually the case with Bioware games (excluding Jade Empire). In addition to the huge world with the expansive lore, the gameplay during combat is superb. Real-time, but not all hack-and-slash, and not as slow as in Neverwinter Nights. Those are the qualities that make Dragon Age: Origins such a good action RPG title.

Perhaps the only qualm a player may have is a few glitches, but you’d be nitpicking if you bitch about those since patches will iron them out anyway. Dragon Age: Origins should not merit any sort of complaint as it is nearly perfect as its own role-playing paradise. Bioware’s hard work and determination in this gamble has been justified many times over, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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