Dragon Age: Origins Followup Review

Dragon Age: Origins Followup Review

Dragon Age: Origins is now the hallmark of computer role-playing games (CRPG’s), deposing Bethesda titles by a longshot. Living up to a long legacy of games that have stood the test of time, this title is a wonderful complement to any CRPG fan’s collection. Bioware had put together all of the best qualities of different games, both their own and others, optimized them, and created a formula that hits the target almost perfectly.

What Bioware went with this was to simplify their trademark system and made it more dynamic for a faster pace in gameplay. This meant that tactical decisions will affect combat even more than in the previous games. Charging in blindly, even with gratuitous amounts of brute strength, will not yield any positive results as the difficulty of this game is punishing. The emphasis on tactics is so great that there is actually a tactics sheet to tell the AI how to behave. The pause function is still there as Bioware’s signature, letting you queue up an action for each character.

The storyline seems standard at first, but the twists that Bioware has added to this makes it absolutely worth playing through at least three times. Aside from multiple endings, there are multiple origins, depending on what race and background you chose. Also, moral decisions are crucial, even with the absence of a clear alignment system. In fact, it is the lack of an alignment scale that makes it even tougher as you will only know that you’ve done either the right or wrong thing during your first playthrough only after the consequences have set in. Whatever the personality of the character you may be playing is all up to you.

The other characters are definitely not your generic archetypes. While they may actually be archetypal if you find them to be, they have their own twists in their personality that makes them an integral part of the plot. They intertwine in the story and mess with your conscience as you try to do your best in interacting with them, whether you want them to agree or disagree with you. The party system itself depends a lot on how much your companions like you. Also, moral decisions affect their perception of you. This may go the same for NPC’s as well.

This has been the best RPG to have been made for quite a while now. Bioware had put their time and energy into this without holding back on the mustard. Perhaps there are some flaws with how much information you can get from your character sheet and how the game seems to still have some linearity when it comes to triggers and set enemies at most parts of the game, but that is definitely forgivable. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to farm experience points, might as well play an MMORPG instead.

Dragon Age: Origins definitely hits the target for this year, and perhaps for many years to come as Bioware will continue to supply two years worth of downloadable content and they will design the sequel to be able to use the save game from this title, so there is continuity with the storyline for your character.

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