Daggerfall for free!!!

Daggerfall for free!!!

Admittedly I’m a little late with this one but seeing as it’s my duty to bring you all the best Retro gaming news I think it’s still worth noting.  The second game in Bethesda Softworks ground breaking, open world, first person RPG series The Elder Scrolls has been made available to downloaded for free (legally) directly from the Bethesda site.

Featuring (for the time) amazing 3D visuals and a massive world to explore.  You’ll need something along the lines of DOSBox to run it under modern operating systems (unless you haven’t upgraded your computer since 1995, in which case you’ll be fine but you’re probably not reading this anyway).

It’s worth looking at just to see the roots of the famous franchise (the first game, Arena, is there too) but compared to Oblivion the early games are unrelentingly difficult.

Go and take a peek here.

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