Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Guide

After playing the game and reading the first couple Missions of the Modern Warfare signature series guide I thought it would be beneficial to post this weapons guide and what guns are good for what situation.  Mind you a lot of this is covered in the actual Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 signature series guide and the hand book that comes with Modern Warfare 2 but for those of you that don’t have it you should pick it up right away :-).

Weapons List

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are going to be your primary weapons for almost all of your campaigns.  They have great accuracy at short range and medium range but are also pretty decent for longer range shooting.  Up close you can pretty much take out any bad guy with full auto.

The Guns:
When you start – FAMAS
Unlocked At Level4 – M4A1 Carbine
Unlocked At Level8 – SCAR-H
Unlocked At Level20 – TAR-21
Unlocked At Level28 – FAL
Unlocked At Level40 – M16A4
Unlocked At Level48 – ACR
Unlocked At Level60 – F2000
Unlocked At Level70 – AK-47

Submachine Guns

Awesome weapons, Sub machine guns are great for close range combat especially in room to room and small spaces.  Sub machine guns can fire shots at a fast rate making them perfect for CQC engagements.  SMG’s are not good for long range combat but can be affective in medium range combat with the proper scope/sight attached.

The Guns:
When you start – UMP .45
Unlocked At Level4 – MP5k
Unlocked At Level12 – Vector
Unlocked At Level24 – P90
Unlocked At Level44 – Mini Uzi

Light Machine Guns

Like the sub machine gun its great for firing shots at a fast rate.  The light machine gun is also good for medium range combat and killing a lot of enemies fast.

The Guns:
When you start – L86 LSW
Unlocked At Level4 – RPD
Unlocked At Level16 – MG4
Unlocked At Level32 – AUG HBAR
Unlocked At Level52 – M240

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are for long range shooting and pretty rare to find in Single player mode if you see one pick it up asap and kill off any long range enemies then change back to a machine gun or assault rifle.  Sniper rifles are not good for short range combat.

The Guns:
When you start – CheyTac Intervention
Unlocked At Level4 – Barrett .50 Cal (A.K.A. M107)
Unlocked At Level36 – WA2000
Unlocked At Level56 – M21 EBR
Dragunov (Campaign only)

Riot Shield

that’s it just a Riot Shield, it protects you from projectiles, rocks and hitting people at close range  😉

Secondary weapons

Machine Pistols

As with all pistols this is perfect for close range contact and it being a machine pistol you will get more SOPS or shots out per second (ok I made that up.. but it sounds like a real acronym)

The Guns:
When you start – PP-2000
Unlocked At Level22 – Glock 18
Unlocked At Level38 – M93 Raffica
Unlocked At Level58 – TMP


Again with Handguns and Pistols they are great for short range combat and tight space combat such as inside buildings.  Not really used to much during the campaigns but is excellent for last resort killing.

The Guns:
When you start – USP .45
Unlocked At Level26 – .44 Magnum (A.K.A. Colt Anaconda)
Unlocked At Level46 – M9
Unlocked At Level62 – Desert Eagle


The Coveted Shotgun.  A power house that can take out almost any close range enemy with a single shot.  Shot guns are also great at taking out enemies behind riot shields but be careful as shotguns carry less rounds so not great when you have lots of people to kill.

The Guns:
When you start – SPAS-12
Unlocked At Level18 – AA-12
Unlocked At Level34 – Striker
Unlocked At Level42 – Ranger
Unlocked At Level54 – M1014
Unlocked At Level67 – Model 1887


The Launchers:
When you start – AT4-HS
Unlocked At Level14 – Thumper (M79)
Unlocked At Level30 – Stinger
Unlocked At Level50 – Javelin
Unlocked At Level65 – RPG-7


  • Mounted Minigun


Some general weapons and equipment.

When you start – Frag Grenade
When you start – Semtex
Unlocked At Level7 – Throwing Knife
Unlocked At Level11 – Tactical Insertion
Unlocked At Level19 – Blast Shield
Unlocked At Level31 – Claymores
Unlocked At Level43 – C4

Special Grenade
Grenades’ are great when you need to kill of a group of enemies in one shot or get yourself out of a tricky situation.

Flashbang x2
Smoke grenade x1
Stun grenade x2


For stabbing and slicing enemies of course!

Ice Picks (Campaign Only)


These are a list of attachments you can get for your guns.

Extended Magazine
Full Metal Jacket ammunition (replacement for Deep Impact)
Sniper Scope (will not take up an attachment slot, just like in Call of Duty 4)
Rapid Fire (replacement for Double Tap)
Tactical Knife
Red Dot Sight
EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight
ACOG Sight (and various telescopic sights that are specific to certain guns)
Thermal Scope
Grenade Launcher
Heartbeat Sensor

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