Borderlands – Roland Soldier Guide

At first glance, Roland is a straight-up offensive character who relies on sheer firepower, but he does take quite a bit of skill to master. Take note though that however you mold his abilities is according to your own discretion. The weapons you use and the skills you take up, as well as your tactics in the field are the determining factors to how you play the Soldier. His skillset is diverse, so it may take quite a bit of brain-wracking to figure out what you want to do with him. There are many different formula to achieve success with Roland, whether you like using the Scorpio Turret or not. Be creative and study your own playing style to find out the best combination. This is a basic guide on Roland, the Soldier.

A more direct combative approach is what most players would first try out with the Soldier. With mostly infantry skills, lots of health and shield is the main priority, along with getting the best of combat rifles or sub-machine guns. You will move from cover to cover and lob grenades at them when there are too many of them. You will use your environment to your advantage and take them out one by one until there are nothing more than corpses and loot. You may place a Scorpio Turret up front to soften them up, then you finish them off as you flank them. You may also want some medic skills to be self-sustaining since dying can be quite expensive in this game.

You may also just go for the specific skills that buffs you every time you kill an enemy. They depend on the weapons you use, whether from your primary or grenades, so pick the ones that you need since they are not only in one tree. If you are heavy on the pepper with the grenades, then use the grenadier skill to your advantage, but you’ll be taking up more of the support skills. If you are into the cooperative mode, then your teammates will thank you for your support if you take up this tree because they are pretty good. They’re also pretty good in single player, so it is not too bad since your offense won’t be too compromised.

Then, you can just go all out with the medic skills, if you wish. You’ll still get to use your guns and Scorpio Turret to defend your position as you heal your teammates. Quite a good character build for the co-op, the medic approach ensures survivability. Of course, this also does well in single player, but your offensive capabilities are then limited. However, the Scorpio Turret does become more useful here in that you have to use it because you will need all the help that you can get. Perhaps some infantry and support skills will keep you from being a sitting duck, even with your medic skills. This is where the quality of your equipment and your tactics will come into play in that you have to make up for your lack of offensive skills.

Roland is a good all-around character with skills that are good for beginners and devastating for veterans. Offense is the name of the game, so show no mercy.

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