Borderlands – Mordecai Hunter Guide

As the first one to be introduced in the opening trailer within the game, Mordecai instantly scores cool points most of the time. While a lot of people, however impressed they may be, chooses someone else on the basis that they may not be fans of snipers or such, the Hunter is a very good character class with a diverse skill set and even a pet bird of prey to boot. Anyone with Borderlands definitely has to play this character even once just because of the coolness factor. This is a basic guide to Mordecai, the Hunter.

The skill trees are pretty clear cut with the Hunter. He has different sets of skills that he can acquire that are distinctly different in terms of his overall style, which means that you could play him at least twice to get a different experience each time. He can be either a sniper or a gunslinger, then you can also play with his more unique skills that involves Bloodwing, his pet bird that just shreds the hell out of enemies that are in its range. With all these different possibilities, playing the Hunter with a certain style should definitely have you stick to it and create variations that will help you develop your tactics throughout the game.

With the sniper build, you will focus a bit on that skill, then perhaps some others to enhance Bloodwing and some rogue skills to enhance your stealth. Being a sniper, you must know when there are enemies. Keep your eyes on the compass and have your alarms ringing once you see a red dot. Once you’ve sighted your enemy, stay far and low and patiently pick him off with your rifle. You may want some backup automatic weapons as backup just in case you get caught in the middle of a sticky situation. In this kind of situation, everything that is applicable with most FPS’s and RPG’s will do well here, like circle-strafe, baiting, bunny-hopping, and so on. As long as you keep low and take them out one at a time, you’ll be fine. If you’re caught, keep moving and take out as many as you can as long as it gives you a higher chance of survival.

With the gunslinger build, you’ll be using both repeater pistols and revolvers, depending on the situation. This is where you have to move about like you have live shrimps stuck in your underwear while in combat. With only a few rounds per clip, it is important to get in as much damage as possible with the limitations of your weapon, which are what the gunslinger skills are for. Combined with Bloodwing, you will definitely look badass. Just take note that you can still use your sniper rifle, so you can go like Clint Eastwood from the movie “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. If you get this build right down to a tee, then you will have the coolest character ever that is most fit in the setting of the game.

With these tips, go forth and have Mordecai shave a scar upon the landscape of the Borderlands.

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