Borderlands – Lilith the Siren Play Guide

There may be something like Splinter Cell going on in Borderlands with the Siren, but take note that it is still an FPS/RPG hybrid. The dynamics are still that free movement, so you are on your own and everything is less reliant on whatever features there are in the game. With the available skills, you can build her to either a ghost who attacks close at the last minute or a fierce femme fatale who takes it to her enemies up front. However you use her, make sure that you use her well. This is a basic guide to playing Lilith, the Siren.

The first build is oriented for a direct confrontational playing style. The combat build demands you to have a sizeable amount of health, good shields, automatic weapons, and lots of movement. You’ll be circle-strafing and ducking for cover a lot, depending on the situation. Whatever you do, if possible, move from cover to cover when ranged attackers are involved. When in open spaces, do not stand still and always keep firing at the enemy with burst fire to take them down quick. Phasewalk will mostly be for escape when the fight gets too intense, so always keep it charged up before attacking. You’ll need to increase Diva and Inner Glow to improve your survivability. Perhaps you would want to add Daze to your attacks in later levels, but that is up to you. The best weapon for the job is a combat rifle, with a decent SMG as a secondary once enemies get too close, and perhaps a sniper rifle as a backup to pick them off from a distance to make the fight easier. Basically, this build handles like a soldier, but with different skills and tactics as she doesn’t have as much health, but has an emergency plan. Your class mod should be Mercenary.

The second build is what most would expect from the Siren, which is hit-and-run. You’ll be using Phasewalk a lot to conceal yourself and get behind enemies. The most crucial principle is “one at a time”. You will need a bit of patience, but this is definitely the safest way to go. If played right, you won’t be taking any damage at all. This build is reliant on getting the right skills at the right time as you level up. You’ll be utilizing more of the assassin skills and weapons with the best melee attachments, then some automatic weapons as backup in case you get caught in the act. You may also want to get some elemental skills as it increases your damage even more. Damage is the name of the game, so aim for it when playing this build. Your class mod should either be Catalyst or Plaguebearer.

The third build is more for skills with area of effect, which means that you’ll be more on the elemental skill tree. This is all about taking as many enemies out as you can with one fell swoop, which makes it handle like the combat build. The only differences are the weapons you use and the skills you focus on. With this build, you want nothing less than elemental weapons with good damage. Whether you want them to burn, shock, or corrode your enemies, you better do it well with this one. Also, you’ll do well with Dramatic Entrance to engage in battle with more ease as they try to recollect themselves after being dazed by your sudden presence.

These builds are merely theories as to maximizing the different strengths of the Siren. It is up to you to put them to work, so play hard.

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