Borderlands – Berserker Strategy Guide

Borderlands is not Fallout 3 on steroids, and the Berserker is not injecting anything into his arm. He is merely a manace in the battlefield and a hog for grenades and rockets once you get him nice and strong. Or perhaps you want him to just bash everything in his path with fists. The following is somewhat like a guide to controlling the beast that is Brick, the Berserker.

At first, you will notice that he is definitely a big target for enemies. He starts off with a shotgun, but you’d want more than just some little guns for potshots. His expertise lie in his fists and explosives, so you might want to check your skills for the best that you may want. His three skill branches are Melee, Tank, and Blaster. His main skill is Berserk, which sends him into a rage and makes him set aside weapons for his fists. He’ll make some animal sounds as he jabs with the left click and uppercuts with the right. The best way to handle this skill is just to charge in headlong like a true samurai and spam your mouse buttons like mad to dispatch as many enemies as possible before either the skill wears off or your heath reaches zero.

There is no universally-good build for the Berserker to begin with, so it is mostly up to your preference. Perhaps the most versatile build would have you putting a lot of points in Tank passive skills, some on Melee damage and maybe some Berserk duration, then the rest in Blaster. This is the only character class that lets you blow stuff up efficiently with added effect and entertainment, so you might as well go for it. The Berserk skill is plenty strong on its own, but a little more damage doesn’t hurt. This will let you through most situations with ease, as long as you get that rocket launcher early enough. The Tank skills are not really any good on their own since you’d bore yourself to death by trying to kill all enemies for an extended period of time. If you want to go pure Melee, then you need a lot of health and a very good shield. Of course, you’ll be rifle-butting most of the time if you do that since Berserk does have a limit.

As for strategies, remember that you still have to duck for cover, even if you are an angry mass of total unrelenting destruction. With the shotgun, don’t shoot until you can see their faces clearly enough, especially if you have something with a really big spread. Damage is still the main thing to go for since an enemy with little health is still just as deadly as one with full health. As for explosives, choose the proper mod for your grenades for each situation. Remember that most of these mods are for particular situations with different environmental applications. Also, you may even have to use other weapons like a sniper rifle to take out some enemies. Do not hesitate to grab one from a fallen enemy to finish the job. If you need to buy it, only do so if you really need to and you know you’ll keep it afterwards. Money may seem plenty at first, but it drains pretty fast as you move on, so take care of your financial ammunition.

Those are most of the basic things you need to survive in Fyrestone and beyond with the Berserker. Everything else is up to your wits and mettle.

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