Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition News

Its hard core ultra violent football with mythical characters and did we mention “a lot of violence”? Blood Bowl is not releasing a Dark Elves Edition on November 26 on steam.

Blood Bowl, the imaginary forerunner of football, is an ultra violent team sport set in the Warhammer fantasy universe. It lets players compose a team of Orcs, Elves, Humans, Dwarves and many other fantasy creatures before jumping into the bloodiest arenas. The sport game is both strategic and violent. It requires tactics, a certain amount of game-sense and a lot of self-confidence.

Recently released in Europe where it reached first place on the PC charts, Blood Bowl will be launched in the United States on the Steam digital platform starting November 26. Preorders will start on Thursday, November 19th.

A brand new version of the game will be available for American players and Steam aficionados. In this new edition, the eight races already in place in the original game will be joined by a ninth playable race: the dreadful Dark Elves.

A dozen new players enter Blood Bowl’s fields with their own Star Player, their cheerleaders, their design and their unique animations.

We invite you to meet the new race right away with an exclusive video showing these warriors that combine Elves’ agility with more obvious brutality. A real treat to play and to watch!

– Blood Bowl official website

Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition, will be available on November 26th on Steam


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