Mytheon – New screenshots

Petroglyph and True gamers have released a new set of screenshots from ther upcoming free-to-play online role playing game, Mytheon. Mytheon combines the best of the action role playing genre with real time strategy and hands them to you in a free to play, micro transaction matter. The game is set in what seems to be a mix of high fantasy and mythology.

The gameplay in Mytheon revolves around so-called “Power Stones”. These stones allow their caster to summon structures, mythological creatures or unleash spells on an opponent. Players can have several of these stones active at any given time, so the strategy aspect focuses on the control and use of these conjured stone objects. Mytheon’s RPG elements primarily revolve around customization and character advancement. Players will earn experience for defeating enemy creatures, completing quests and accomplishing great feats. By earning experience, players will be able to advance in level, find and equip new gear, and collect new stones. Visually, Mytheon is played similar to other top down isometric action games such as Diablo, Titan Quest and Baldur’s Gate. Players can also assume direct control of creatures they have on the battlefield to scout ahead or to view multiple combat situations.


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