Masks of your favorite WoW Chararcters

Are you a diehard World of Warcraft fan?  Do you fantasize while you sleep of becoming your character, carousing with your warcraft homies, and getting bad with your Dranei self?  Well perhaps you fancy a day at the races.  If you’d like to sample the madness, mayhem, and malevolent forces of WoW, you’re in for a treat beyond your wildest dreams.  Last week Blizzard announced that as with Cher, Jay-Z, and bellbottoms, their World of Warcraft masks have made a dazzling comeback.

Now, if you’re the type that likes to get down and dirty in the midst of all the hoopla, then you’ll want to get yourself the perfect mask and costume, and do Greece as the Greeks do.  Along with their traditional masks, they’ve introduced two new deluxe masks that not even the most diehards have seen in its past:  Blizzard presents to you the new Illidan the Betrayer mask and the deluxe Dranei mask!  Hip, hip, hooray!
You can enjoy these delectable dream masks at various sites, including and Blizzard’s very own home base, the Blizzard store –it’s more than a snow storm, honey.  It’s a way of life.  You’re better trying to purchase your mask at the aforementioned site as Blizzard is only offering a limited amount of these masks.  Prices for these lovely face changers range from $34.00 to a staggering $139.99.  You also have the option of getting some prosthetic kits for some of the WoW races for under $15.
Blizzard hasn’t stopped at selling masks to fit all your racing needs, it’s also announced a line of high quality replicas of the World of Warcraft tabards and banners commissioned by Museum Replicas.  These beauties are collectable and meant to be displayed in your home and at WoW events, so don’t go trying to brandish these things as costumes thinking you’ve got yourself the perfect WoW outfit.  However, if you want to get your trick-or-treat on while adorned in your Alliance or Horde tabard, take care that you don’t get the effects of your sugar rush all over the façade.

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