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Killing Floor is a new Valve game based off the hugely popular Unreal Tournament series which pits a group of players against hordes of undead. Yeah, its a mod from Unreal Tournament 2004, and has NO CONNECTION to left 4 dead, even though they are very similar in some aspects. Im a big fan of both and I would have to say that although Left 4 Dead is certainly graphically nicer and just a better developed game, it also costs twice as much. This is a guide for people that have already played the game not those looking for a review, so I’m not going to go into the details, for the full review click here.


Clot: The clot is your basic monster, there’s alot of them and they don’t really pose that much of a threat. They can usually be one hit in the head for an instant kill with most guns, even the 9mm. The only real ranger is just having to kill them all and not concentrate on the larger enemies that can actually kill you.My advice is kill them from a distance using a Handcannon or a Lever-Action Rifle.

Bloat: The next tier in monster technology, the bloat is basically a huge fat zombie that moves slowly towards the player. Bloats have a nasty special attack, which allows them to vomit their corrosive bile all over the player, doing damage and messing up the vision for a few seconds and they can also take a fair bit of damage. Bloats are not entirely dangerous on their own, but if they get in close they can blind players and leave the vulnerable to attack. Strategy is to blow their heads off right away so they cant do the special attack and then fill them full of hot lead.

Stalker: The stalker is a stealthy monster that sneaks up to do a high damage attack. The stalker is extremely weak, and one shot is usually enough to kill it instantly. Its not that hard to spot in a well lit area, but inside darker areas or open areas where they can sneak up on you. They do a fair bit of damage as well, so its best to not let them get you, and they come in packs sometimes, so if your not careful you can die very very quickly if cornered. Best way to deal with these is… to shoot them, after the first few games you become accustomed to spotting them, so they are not too big of a problem.

Gorefast: The Gorefast is an enemy you meet usually mid game, and in high numbers endgame. The look similar to a Clot, but have red skin and a big blade on one arm. The are significantly stronger than clots, and alot faster, and they get faster the closer they get to a player, they also deal a high amount of damage and attack quickly. Th best way to deal with this enemy is to take out before they get close and faster, usually a headshot or two will take them down.

Crawler: The crawler is a small, fast, extremely annoying monster that crawls quickly towards a player. The are not that strong, and they don’t do a whole lot of damage, but they can close in very quickly and disorient the players with attacks. They also attack in numbers, so they can overwhelm you if you are not careful, the best strategy is to kill them before they get close, or use a Shotgun to kill them a few at a time. The commando perk is also geared towards killing these little annoyances.

Siren: The siren is the only ranged attacker out of all the monsters, other than the Patriarch of course. The siren emits a loud screech when she gets close to opponents, which deals damage and also disorients players and reduces accuracy. The siren is a slow enemy, and you can usually see her coming from a distance away, which is the best time to kill her. The siren isnt terribly strong by herself, but if she keeps stunning players with her scream you can easily become overwhelmed. Kill her from a distance, plain and simple.

Scrake: One of the stronger enemies in the game, the scrake is basically a large humanoid monster with a chainsaw grafted onto one arm. The Scrake takes alot of punishment and has the ability to “charge” at players when they get close. They also do massive damage with the chainsaw when close range, so avoid melee combat at all costs. The best way to kill this creature is by using the Shotgun straight to the face at close range or sniping from afar.

Fleshpound: The big daddy of the monster family, the fleshpound is the hardest enemy to fight other than the boss. The Fleshpound can take a massive amount of damage and even has some armor plating grafted onto its body. They can tear a player apart pretty quickly at short range so its best to concentrate fire on this enemy from afar. Only thing is, once it starts taking damage its chest light will start glowing red instead of yellow, which means it is enraged, an enraged fleshpound can run faster than the fastest human.

The Patriarch (Boss): If you manage to survive the rounds of gruesome monsters to the last round, you then get to fight the boss. The Patriarch is a single enemy that stands a bit bigger than a Fleshpound, it also has a chaingun, a rocket launcher, and several special abilities. The chaingun is the Patriarchs favorite weapon, and can usually kill a player quickly if not dodged, the best way to deal with this is to take cover or weave around while shooting. The rocket launcher can kill a player one hit, the best strategy is to watch the patriarch to see when he is about to shoot a rocket, and get out of the way. When he takes enough damage he will turn invisible and heal, once hes all healed up he will pop up behind a player and deal a massive melee attack that is usually an instant kill if you are not full health. He can heal a total of twice, which is quite enough with the massive amount of damage he can take. The best strategy is to have a well balanced team of players: One flamer dealing constant damage and flaming the patriarch when he turns invisible, at least one player with a L.A.W. to damage the patriarch as much as possible, One medic is nice as well to heal through the damage. The rest of the players should have Bullpups, Shotguns, or Rifles and continuously shoot the boss in the head, and use ALL your grenades. If done properly you can kill him before he heals, but you have to be organized and know how to dodge his attacks and rockets.


Knife: A weapon effective only against clots, and barely effective at that, this weapon is mainly used to run with as it increases speed when equipped. Everyone knows you run faster with a knife.

Machete: A bigger knife! A medium strength melee weapon with a fast attack, good for slicing heads off clots and weaker enemies. The only real strength of this weapon is the fast attack speed.

Fire Axe: The Axe is a good melee weapon that can usually kill the weak enemies in one blow, the Axe also has a decent range compared to the Knife and Machete. The Axe tends to weigh players down though, unless you are a melee spec.

Chainsaw: This should be obvious, its a chainsaw! You can unleash bloody destruction on most enemies you face, except the really strong ones, and even then you deal massive damage. What more is there to say?

9mm: The standard handgun of the game, everyone starts with it, its cheap, and the ammo is everywhere. You can usually headshot clots and crawlers with this weapon, and it shoots very fast so is a good spray and pray gun. Most effective at closer to medium ranges and against weak enemies, the best strategy is to use the aim and hit the head to maximize the crappy damage.

Duel 9mm: Two weak handguns instead of one, a decent secondary weapon choice than lets you shoot a flurry of weak bullets in a very short time. The aiming is worse than a single handgun and takes some getting used to, and you obviously use ammo faster as well.

Handcannon: One of the stronger guns in the game, the Handcannon is your standard Desert Eagle handgun, low clip, massive damage. Best used with the sharpshooter perk, you can headshot most enemies and even the stronger ones in a few shots. The ammo is a bit low for this weapon so make sure to always get a headshot. The best secondary weapon hands down.

Duel Handcannons: Just when you though a single Desert Eagle was good, you get two! A great secondary weapon to use if shit hits the fan or you dont have time to reload your main weapon, the duel Handcannons can literally clear rooms in about 2 seconds, ammo of course is used up quickly, but this is THE secondary weapon of the game.

Bullpup: The bread and butter of most players, the Bullpup is an automatic assault rifle that can destroy enemies in short order. The bullpup, like any machine gun, relies on a fast rate of fire and alot of ammo. With the commando perk you can mow down enemies quick, just make sure to use the aiming attachment as it helps alot. The best way to use the weapon is a short bursts at enemy heads, and beleive me when i say it works.

Lever-Action Rifle: A classic Winchester style rifle, the Lever-Action Rifle is a great weapon for sniping and is best used with the Sharpshooter perk. Always make sure to use the aiming whenever you can, as you can rack up headshots very quickly and thin out the enemies, especially the weaker ones. You can usually oneshot almost any enemy with this weapon once you get a high Sharpshooter level, a must have for any squad.

Shotgun: The shotgun is a low range high damage weapon best used by someone with the Support perk. You can absolutely destroy enemies at close range, and even kill strong enemies with a couple shots to the head. The best strategy in my experience is to have backup from a player with a ranged weapon while destroying enemies at close range. Great for killing multiple weak targets in one shot, especially clots and crawlers.

Hunting Shotgun: A double-barreled shotgun with extremely high damage and a slow reload rate. This is an interesting weapon, because it deals massive damage but also only has two rounds per reload, making you vulnerable against swarms of enemies but strong against a few harder enemies. Best used when your squad mates can keep the little enemies off of you so you can kill strong monsters or bosses.

Crossbow: The crossbow is basically Killing Floors version of a sniper rifle, it has a single shot per reload rate and a scope. You can pick off enemies at long range and usually kill almost anything with a headshot and a high Sharpshooter level. Of course, like any sniper, you are weak against close ranged enemies, so like the hunting shotgun, this weapon is best used when someone can back you up with short ranged firepower. A great weapon to use in a level that give you a line of sight, terrible when used inside, Ammo is also a bit low too.

L.A.W: The LAW or Light Anti-Armor Weapon is essentially a rocket launcher with high damage and slow firing rate. With a high weight, slow fire rate, and low ammo capacity, the LAW is best used against the Patriarch, as the other weapons are a much better choice against the smaller enemies. You have to be zoomed in to fire, so make sure you have some time to do that when attacking an enemy, and don’t even think about using it at close range. This weapon is also very very expensive!

Flamer: Nothing quite like the small of monsters roasting on an open fire, which is what you will be doing with this flamethrower. The Flamer deals high damage to enemies in groups or small areas, but can also harm players that run into the flames so watch out. The flamer fires straight ahead so make sure you get the aiming correct, firing at the floor will sit it on fire in a small area which can damage monsters and players that walk through it. A very good weapon to have against bosses that need alot of punishment to take down or a bunch of weak enemies that need to be roasted. Make sure you have room though or you can end up frying yourself.

Grenade: A must have for every monster encounter, grenades are used by every player, weight basically nothing and can destroy groups of enemies. Each player carries an average of 5 grenades, depending on perks of course, so use them wisely. Essential for killing fleshpounds or the Patriarch due to the high damage, grenades also do alot of damage to players, so make sure you are careful where you are throwing them. An important thing to notice is they can bounce of enemies and back at you, so be careful!

Welder: Used to weld doors shut, gets better with support perk. Simple.

Med-Syringe: A very important aspect of the game, every play carries a med syringe that can be used to heal yourself or other players. The syringe recharges over time so you never have to worry about running out of health. Also gets alot more potent when used with the Field Medic perk.


Killing Floor offers a unique levelling system that allows players to specialize in certain weapons or roles within a squad. Perks are upgraded by doing certain requirements such as “700 headshots with a Crossbow” or “25000 Damage with a Shotgun”. Perks are a very important park of the game, and they define what kind of player you are within a squad, so make sure you choose the right perk for yourseld before playing.

  • Medic: The medic perk can be unlocked by healing teammates for 1500 damage in a match. It grants:
    • +100% Recharge rate with med-syringe.
    • +50% Potency of medical injections.
    • +5% Faster movement speed.
    • -50% Damage from bloats’ bile.
  • Support: The support perk can be unlocked by welding 2000 door hitpoints and killing 40 specimen with a Power weapon in a match. It grants:
    • +5 Max carry weight.
    • +25% Faster welding/unwelding with the welder tool.
    • Double frag grenade capacity.
    • +25% Max ammo capacity with the Handcannon, Shotgun, Hunting Shotgun and L.A.W.
  • Sharpshooter: The sharpshooter perk can be unlocked by scoring 40 head shots in a single match. It grants:
    • +25% Increased damage with the Winchester and the Crossbow.
    • +50% Greater head shot damage with all weapons.
    • -75% Recoil and spread with the Winchester and the Crossbow.
  • Commando: The commando perk can be unlocked by killing 30 stalkers and dealing 10,000 damage with the Bullpup. It grants:
    • +25% Damage with the Bullpup weapon.
    • -20% Recoil and spread with the Bullpup weapon.
    • +10% Faster reloading with all weapons.
    • Enemy health conditions appear on the HUD.
    • Automatically reveal Stalkers in an AoE.
  • Berserker: The Berserker perk can be unlocked by dealing 10,000 damage with melee weapons. It grants:
    • +25% damage with all melee weapons.
    • +10% refire speed with all melee weapons.
    • +15% movement speed adjustment when using a melee weapon.
    • +15% Damage resistance to all sorts of damage.


Well, the great thing about Killing Floor is that there are so many ways to fight the enemies its impossible to really lay down a solid strategy. You can hold up in a room and weld the doors shut, you can run outside and snipe things, or you can stay mobile the whole time, it all depends on your play style and team.

Heres some general tips though:

– Stay together! No one class is good against all enemies, thats why the perk system exists is to encourage teamwork and CO-OPERATIVE play, this is not a solo game.

– Always have a way out, this is important in the higher levels when enemies come that take alot of damage, if a Fleshpound or a couple Scrakes get you in a room trapped your as good as dead.

– When theres a few enemies left, head to the trader, some maps are huge and the trader can be very far away, and without ammo your just a walking meal.

– Get to know the maps, theres only a few of em, so make sure you know where to go, where not to go, the places ammo spawns and the places where the traders usually are as well as enemy spawn points.

– Make use of your perk! Dont be a noob, if your a sharpshooter using a shotgun or a commando using a crossbow, just find a different game or go play WoW or something. Perks are stronger than any weapon, but they also require the right weapon.

– You can heal for free as many times as you like, do it constantly. You never know when a fleshpound might come around the corner to say hello, so its always best to be full health.

– STAY TOGETHER! I cannot stress this enough, and every time i play online someone always has to be a big man and go off by themsleves, they always die.

Well, thats about all I can think of, I hope this guide has helped you in Killing Floor and if theres anything I forget, which im sure there was, just add it to the comments.


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  1. This is a great killing floor overview and guide of the killing floor characters and weapons. I have not played this game yet but atleast now I know who my enemies are and what guns I need to kill them.

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