Intel – Six core processor demonstrated

At the intel developer forum 2009, Intel demonstrated the future of processors – Gulftown – 32nm Extreme Edition. It features six cores, but with Hyper Threading this will most likely be doubled, depending on your OS, of course. It works on the X58 chipset, at 2.4 GHz and includes a 12 MB L3 cache. It uses a LGA 1366 socket and connects to three channels DDR3, clocked at 1333Mhz at most.

The chip itself wasn’t demonstrated, but we saw a Windows Task Manager screenshot while Β the CPU is rendering 3D. The processor was promised to be released at Q1 2010. The price hasn’t been announced, but don’t expect to go any cheaper than at least 800$. I can’t imagine the price of the top model right now. πŸ™‚

PS: The performance screenshot is that of a prototype, not the final version

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  1. that is awesome, but at 800$ USD for entry level 6 core its pretty steap. Im pretty happy with the quad core I have and the fact that AMD has an ultra cheap quad core at less then a hundred and its promise for a six core for the second quarter of 2010 is promising for a lower quad and 6 core price to market.

  2. 800$ is the price for the low model. If you want the medium one – it’s 1000$ at the very least. Of course if you’ve got the money you can always get the high class one and not think of a processors for a long, long time. The high class processor is also recommended if you’re working with 3D applications such as 3d Studio Max and Maya. Of course these are estimated prices. The actual prices may be different. So my advice would be – wait while the six core processors actually become vital, before getting one.

  3. Phht, who cares about the task manager? Most people beef up computers to play games, so fire up Crysis and show us how well it renders absolute chaos, cause that game is a real screamer on the processor and RAM.

  4. That is some serious power. Steep price granted, but I can imagine it being pretty mean when you get the games fired up πŸ˜€
    Love the name, too.

  5. Very impressive but I think at this point, like many others, the pricepoint is just a bit high to make people want to bite at this. $800 US for the low end? Do the people at Intel really think people will spend this type of money? As a reminder – we’re in a recession!

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