New Sprite Packs, Soviet Music and Guide for Hearts of Iron III

New Sprite Packs, Soviet Music and Guide for Hearts of Iron III

Today, Paradox Interactive released new sprite packs, Soviet music, and a guide for Hearts of Iron 3. Hearts of Iron 3 is a World War II  sim and satisfies veteran players by giving them a multitude of brand new features and systems, including a huge map with more than 14,000 land and sea provinces. Players can take the reins of larger superpowers such as Russia or the United States, or build up smaller nations such as Costa Rica. Hearts of Iron 3 enables strategy fans to choose the outcome of one of the grandest wars of all time. The power, responsibility, and decision-making process of a nation at war all lies within your hands.

The guide, which can be found here, informs on the recent massive Hearts of Iron 3 1.3 update. The Hearts of Iron III V. 1.3 Update Guide explains major changes made to the game (such as improvements in the interface, reworked battle and supply systems, and increased AI during battle and when researching technology) and how such changes enhance the overall gameplay experience. (Please note that in order to access the guide, players will need a Paradox Interactive forum account, and will have needed to registered their game.)

The exclusive Soviet music pack contains over 14 minutes of specially composed music in four separate suites. All created to enrich the atmosphere of the workers republic tireless struggle against fascism. Just like for the original soundtrack for Hearts of Iron 3, these additional music suites have been composed by critically acclaimed Grand Strategy game composer Andreas Waldetoft. Sample music is available here.

The Hearts of Iron III Complete version, which comes which all sprite packs, can be bought here.

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