Guild Wars 2 – Trailer

ArenaNet released the first Guild Wars 2 trailer. The trailer, itself is surprisingly long and shows both in-game footage and amazing artwork. The trailer  gives a perfect vision of the world and its inhabitants. As to Guild Wars 2 –  not much is known about the game ,except that, like its predecessors will have no subscription fees. The trailer looks amazing and is worth watching, even if you’re not a Guild Wars fan.


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  1. The trailer really does look stunning, especially the early underwater scenes. ‘Like its predecessors will have no subscription fees’- this is still a huge advantage for me. Athough fees aren’t expensive I just don’t like to be tied down to monthly costs. Looking forward to hearing more about this.

  2. i used to play guild wars: factions, its a pretty decent game, the only thing is WoW is so damn popular that its hard for these other games to match content. One thing thats great about GW is the PvP though, alot better than wow in my opinion, gear only provides a marginal advantage so its mostly skill

  3. Hmm, there are MMO’s on the market with ALOT more content that WoW. Anyhow, Guild Wars is mostly a competative, PvP Based ORPG, and one of the most original MMO’s ever.

  4. WOOOOO. Its is stunning especially the sound effect. For me Less or More players doesn’t matter while playing a game. What matters is the trail it gives you while playing. See you online brothers.

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