Diablo III dropping Mana

According to Diablo’s official Twitter account, the company’s thinking about removing the mana feature from Diablo-3.  If that’s their course of action, they’ll replace this blue entity with class specific resources.    The team asked for feedback from its fans; however, it seems they’ve already made their final decision and cut the mana for some of the classes.
If you were privy to the issue after having listened to Blizzcast:  Episode 8, you’re already aware that the Barbarian doesn’t use mana, but rather it uses a new resource called Fury Orbs, it just wasn’t practical to make a character with a physical nature make use of mana to drive his power.  According to Jay Wilson, one of the designer’s on the Diablo 3 team, the Wizard may also be sans mana:
“Well for the Wizard we want to enforce the fact that she’s a glass cannon.  I don’t think it’s fun to ever run out of mana.  I’m not really interested in an extended resource for her.  When she’s out of mana she just dies.  So, if anything, we want to encourage how she plays.”
Further, “She’s the kind of character that blasts first and asks questions later.  Very vulnerable.  So we want to implement a system that makes her more blasty, but even more vulnerable.  We want to make that a choice for the player.”


Though an interesting prospect, the downside is without mana you’re more vulnerable while casting (even if you can cast as much as you feel).  Most likely, the Witch Doctor will still use mana; the Monk’s future is still under close wraps.
Before we get all up in arms, keep in mind the game’s official release is still more than a year away, and Nintendo’s Twilight Princess is any indication, a great deal can change in a year.  The character roster hasn’t even been completed, and there are some developmental issues to take care of–for instance, the lack of standard resource between characters affects the co-op play.  You won’t have to exchange mana potions to advance further in the game; however, Blizzard may have completely dismissed the potion concept in favour of orbs.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. Not really that great an idea unless fury orbs drop like flies, or build up like the limit gauge in the final fantasy games. I’d rather they just got infinite mana.

    I remember my days, I think I had something that gave me really fast mana regen and a sword that drained mana as well. Cause damn I never drank a mana potion unless I was nova-spamming in the Cow level.

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