Aion Visions trailer

The success of the latest title by NCSoft, hasn’t left them sitting and enjoying the cash. On the contrary – they are working to improve the game at each key flaw it had when it hit release. What can we expect? In short:

  • Swimming, with new underwater regions and enemies
  • Mounts
  • Improved graphics(like it didn’t look good enough already)
  • Siege machines
  • Weather
  • House decoration
  • Taming
  • Tons of new content
  • New raid bosses
  • Vehicles(maybe)
  • Crossbows

And who knows what else. This was all demonstrated in the form of a trailer, released on the official site of the game. NCSoft explain, that this is how they see Aion after a few updates. But when will it be available, will it cost anything(Lineage 2 expansions were free), and will it all be released at once. These questions were all left unanswered. One thing is for sure – bright days are coming for my currently favorite MMORPG.


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