Valkyrie Sky new MMORPG

Online PC game portal GameKiss announces the official website launch of its brand-new title Valkyrie Sky.

Valkyrie Sky is a RPG based on the Norse mythology. The game does not fall in any one existing game category. GameKiss instead officially names its own genre “Arcade Shooting MMORPG”.

The game combines shooting-the best genre of the arcade platform-and MMORPG, a popular online platform, into one. Users will enjoy the hair-raising bullet-curtain style game-play in the stage and field while experiencing growth, community and task activities of MMORPG in the world map.

Valkyrie Sky provides both player vs player (PvP) and battle for occupation of the World Map through the structure of two realms. The game also does not miss any of the latest features of the life system in MMORPG including fishing, cooking, playing music and auctioning, which add a new kind of amusement to the arcade shooting genre.

It is undeniable that traditional shooting games easily bore players because of repeated game-play patterns. Valkyrie Sky attempts to provoke and players will be challenged through various features including the random mapping system.

“There have been a few attempts to add innovative elements to shooting games,” said Roman, Senior Game Master of GameKiss, “However, they have had the limitation that one element complimented another rather than both genres being well-combined with balance.” Roman is confident that Valkyrie Sky would overcome such weakness and provides the strengths of both arcade shooting and MMORPG.

The closed beta service of Valkyrie Sky kicks off on October 21st, and various events are prepared for the CBT. More details can be found at

From the screen shots the game looks decent although the character renderings could be better and during the actual game play it looks confusing where your character actually is.  If anyone reading this is on the beta please let me know how the game play is by leaving a comment below.

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  1. … a bullet hell MMORPG… Not many know this, but I really like bullet hells like Mushihimesama and Touhou, this though? This has to be the first time anyone’s made the genre into an MMO XD

  2. I’m thinking this site needs an MMO feature.. Lately, more and more people make hybrid MMORPG’s. The bravest one i’ve seen was Dungeon Fighter. This one is next on the list.

  3. Well there’s not a lot to go on as yet from what I can see so I have to more or less reserve any real opinion, good or bad except to say that I do find the concept to be somewhat appealing. Otherwise, the most I can say is time will tell.

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