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By now, RPG’s have mutated into a massively multiplayer online mess. Think about the things that makes RPG’s what they really are, which consists of storyline and the options in customizing one’s character. Well, there really is no need to blame MMORPG’s for whatever happened to the classic look and feel of role-playing games as we have known them for years, but some do tend to drift to that direction. Doesn’t really matter since the RPG genre is like water – it takes different forms. The westerners have their own and the Japanese have their own. There are the classic isometric games, then there’s the more modern 3D action RPG’s. Some focus a lot on the interactions and quests, while others are more hack-n-slash. A lot has happened since the days of old.

So when Torchlight was first released, it was unremarkable at first glance. Here is another game that follows the Diablo template, which has been exclaimed by some as obsolete. However, it still merits a trial even if you may have your initial impressions. After trying it out, you will feel as if you have played it before, but it will still feel like new. This effect is only possible with a classic genre that you have grown up with.

Torchlight seems normal enough and it doesn’t really offer anything new to the table. However, it is a solid action RPG that seems like a tribute to the genre itself right before Blizzard decides that it has done all it can to the upcoming Diablo III. Most fans of this genre are surely replaying Diablo II with all character classes and have bore with Titan Quest. Torchlight should bring some new color to your life without confusing you at all. You will find it easy to play and addictive enough to spend a considerable amount of time with it.

It combines the best elements of hack-n-slash RPG’s for dynamic gameplay that most people will enjoy. The level designs are atmospheric, the variety of weapons and armor is good, loot drops are outstanding, the sound effects and music sucks you into the game, and the monsters are numerous and challenging. This game is a very solid action RPG formula made consistent, giving it the appeal that should not be overlooked at all.

It does not have multiplayer, which puts PvP and co-op out of the question. Maybe the developers wanted to stick with singleplayer to not overextend themselves. If you end up liking this game, then it shouldn’t be too much of a bad thing to not have multiplayer at all. But perhaps the biggest con that this game has is that it does not do anything new. For some, this is a bad thing because it doesn’t seem like the game is pulling any effort in being exciting. In the end, it is just a copy of a copy of a copy. Alright, maybe they are right, but this game doesn’t really need to do anything new to begin with. It is a solid action RPG, and that should be what you’re paying attention to in the first place.

Torchlight is good all in its own. Play it and judge for yourself if it is actually a good RPG or not.

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  1. Nice read. But you are obviously misinformed – the game will have an MMO version by 2010. Runic Games said so themselves. My first opinion on the game was: classical hack and slash.

  2. Thanks Joar, But that option is not available now and they give no real date that specifies otherwise when the online play will come, in fact they say on the site itself in the FAQ that its future. Is there somewhere that says its coming by 2010?

  3. Can’t find it, but it was noted in several interviews. The MMO version will be published by Perfect World and, if i remember right, will be free to play with micropayments.

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