Runes of Magic Patch: Storming of the Acropolis

Yay! Finally we can get to the Naga Acropolis in the volcanic territory!  Elite District/Runes Of Magic has released a patch that will include such features as a Halloween Festival (Actually started Yesterday October 27th and will run till November 10th) and some elite skills for the Elves .

Berlin, 28th October 2009: Today’s patch for Runes of Magic paves the way for brave groups of adventurers to journey into the heart of the Naga Empire. Patch ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’ also adds the Halloween Pumpkin Festival into the online role-playing game, together with some long-awaited elite skills for the Elf classes and a territory expansion for the ‘Aotulia Volcano’ zone.

Until now, the huge Naga Acropolis in the volcanic territory has been inaccessible. With ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’, the gates of the fortress are now open and so is a special district inside the zone which will challenge players. Countless elite henchmen occupy the walls and trenches around the Acropolis – Naga troops have set up their camps all around. Solo players don’t have a chance here; only well-equipped groups will ultimately get to face off against the leader of the Naga army: King ‘Sharleedah’ will provide a tough battle for adventurers and can only be toppled by extreme force.

In addition to the new district, patch ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’ offers Elven players some new elite skills for their dual class combination. Minor changes in the interface, new titles for their avatars as well as fixing a few bugs have all been included in today’s update.

More information is available at the official Runes of Magic website.

Runes of Magic – A world full of magic and adventure
Runes of Magic has redefined the standard for free-to-play MMORPGs in terms of gameplay, fun and quality. The online role play game carries an exciting, multi-layered story, driven by more than 2,300 quests set in the atmospheric fantasy world of Taborea. To date, Runes of Magic has attracted more than 2 million registered users, making it one of the most successful titles in the free-to-play segment, and a must play game for all fans of MMOs and RPGs.

Runes of Magic features a unique dual class system enabling players to combine one of eight primary classes with a secondary class. The result is a deep player experience that expands upon the game’s deep customization offering. There are two different playable races, Elves and Humans, from which players can choose. Each dual class combination produces its own powerful elite skills. Another popular feature is the opportunity to furnish your own completely individual virtual home, and guilds can construct guild castles, which can be expanded with additional buildings. Thanks to comprehensive crafting and reputation systems, gripping PvP features, deep customization and demanding dungeons, Runes of Magic has something for everyone.

Taiwanese developer Runewaker regularly expands the game world with new free content and challenges.

Runes of Magic Features

  • Dual class system with eight classes and unique elite skills
  • Individual furnishing of player housing and guild castles
  • In-depth story experienced through above 2,000 quests laced with epic quest-lines
  • Gripping Player-versus-Player duels in arenas and on the battlefield
  • Easy travel using portal stones and a wide range of rideable animals
  • Challenging boss-combat in dangerous and extensive dungeons with up to 36 simultaneous players
  • Entertaining mini-games offering variety to the hero’s routine
  • Dynamic crafting and customization of items
  • Regular comprehensive free updates with new game content
  • Free-to-Play: No monthly subscriptions, free to download the game

Title: Runes of Magic
Genre: Fantasy MMORPG Platform: Windows PC
Publisher: Frogster Online Gaming GmbH Developer: Runewaker
Entertainment Ltd.
Release: 19.03.2009 “Chapter I – Rise of the Demon Lord”
15.09.2009 “Chapter II – The Elven Prophecy”
USK: from 12 years PEGI: 12+

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  1. I almost barfed while playing this game. Ok, they took WoW and they cloned it(which was an EQ clone all along), then added some GW features for taste. And then they did the impossible. The fucked everything up. Seriously, how stupid can you get, to make your WoW clone into a hardcore MMO with a patch, that increases grinding by infinity.

  2. haha, yeah but its free and yes you are right it was based off of WOW. Check out this quote from a previous press release from the creators back in 2008:

    The Taiwanese developers of Runewaker Entertainment Ltd. grew up in the USA and were enthusiastic “Ultima Online” and “World of Warcraft” players. Runes of Magic was developed in a time frame of three years according to western MMO standards. Runemaker will provide new challenges for players every three to four months with free add-ons and updates.

  3. This patch has caused many technical issues, in fact, I don’t think anyone can access the game at the moment, I’m one of the thousands of people who keep getting error messages about the new patch.

    Check out the official forum on their website…

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