RuneScape Reanimated

RuneScape Reanimated

Jagex Ltd. has released an “Animation Pack” for its popular free-to-play, browser based MMO RuneScape this week. Included in the update are a series of new and improved animations for the most popular weapons and abilities, all of which have been invigorated with not only redrawn frames , but new “tweening” technology that allows the animators to render altogether smoother movements.

But the proof is in the pudding. In a recent developer’s blog, Mod Paul B, the lead animator for RuneScape, posted links showing just how nice the new animations and technology actually are by demonstrating the dramatic difference between new and old when compared side by side.

Mod Paul B also ensures that this update is only the, “first step” in a planned series of graphical revisions and improvements to the world of RuneScape. If the quality of the first “Animation Pack” is any indication for the future,  players of RuneScape have much to look forward to as Jagex continues to push the visual boundaries for a browser based and free-to-play MMO.

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