WoW Next Target for Californian Plaintiff

WoW Next Target for Californian Plaintiff

After earning himself a ban when playing Resistance: Fall of Man on the Playstation Network a San Jose, California gamer has tried to systematically sue various gaming giants. The man is claiming that various “violations” interfere directly with his First Amendment rights.

The case concerning his Playstation Network ban was denied but un-phased by these results he went on to try and sue Microsoft due to stress from a broke-n 360 and, Nintendo for an update which blocked his access to a homebrew channel which he claimed interfered with his right to pursue happiness.

With all three major companies now set firmly in his sights, he has now gone on to lodge a series of complaints against World of Warcraft. He has stated that Blizzard are guilty of creating a “harmful virtual enviroment”.

Firstly he complained that the subscription fee was far higher than any other MMO and then went on to cite “sneaky” moves by the developer that force him to travel long distances at a slow speed and the lengthy process of resurrecting a downed character. To support his case he has made various references to addiction and depression associated with online gaming.

The gamer is asking for $1 million is punitive damages and that Blizzard address the issues he has raised. Blizzard have not yet issued a comment concerning this issue.

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