LEGO Star Wars: Quest for R2-D2

LEGO Star Wars: Quest for R2-D2

15th October 2009. San Francisco, CA, US. Unity Technologies, the provider of the revolutionary Unity development platform today announced that the LEGO Group chose Unity for the creation of its recently launched “LEGO® Star WarsTM: The Quest for R2-D2″ browser based online game, developed by Three Melons.

“We are really proud to have Unity powering a LEGO Star Wars game,” says Nicholas Francis, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Unity. “This is a great example of how Unity is able to attract the large consumer brands and demonstrates its strength by delivering content on the web with a graphical fidelity and sheer power that no-one else can match.”

Sten Lysdahl Sorensen, Internet Content Manager at LEGO added, “The LEGO Group never compromises when it comes to the quality of what is offered to our consumers all over the world. Unity allows for a unique visual 3D experience that portrays our models and minifigures in a way that gives the kids a premium free online game. We firmly believe that the Unity engine and the skilled work by Three Melons is taking advergaming to a new level and thereby supporting our products in the best possible way.”

Diego Ruiz, Lead Engineer of Three Melons said, “We used Unity to develop the game because it allowed us to concentrate on gameplay instead of the technical issues. At the same time it includes an excellent balance between productivity and performance

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