Infinity Ward Blackmailed for copies of Modern Warfare “4”

Infinity Ward Blackmailed for copies of Modern Warfare “4”

With millions waiting for Modern Warfare 2 to come out, a group of people are already thinking around the box and want Modern Warfare 4…NOW!

With Modern Warfare 2 just around the corner, anyone who is inspired by the game would think that they are their biggest fan, but I guess this group won that award. If you enter you will find that it is taken by a group of sneaky people who have been accused of blackmailing Infinity Ward into giving all members of the community a copy of Modern Warfare 4 before Modern Warfare 2 has even hit the shelves. They are hoping that Infinity Ward will co-operate due to the fact that they will soon need the domain name for their “Modern Warfare 4″ (if they even come around to making that one.)

The Domain name has been taken over by a gaming community known as “Ziip Gaming Community” (obviously anxious fans of the soon to be franchise.) It is not known as of yet if this is all a big hoax, but a person named James who wrote up the letter even includes his E-mail address and tells Infinity Ward “If you wish to discuss this further, drop me an E-mail (gives his E-mail address) or go to (Ziip’s community site)”

He also includes a picture of a clown and uses witty comments through out the letter which leads me to believe that it might be just a group of people seeking instant fame.

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