Gearbox to make Halo 4?

Gearbox worked along side Microsoft and Bungie to produce the first game for one of the most popular franchise ever in gaming history named Halo but was never seen in Halo 2 or Halo 3.

Gearbox in my opinion just became another shadow a few years back after the release of Halo 2 and 3, I’ve never really played any other games with Gearbox slapped on the front cover. Although, I am aware that Gearbox have made other games in the past, and now they have a bunch of releases heading into the market. Recent rumours have suggested that Gearbox are now working on a new Halo game with Microsoft, the rumours started flooding the Internet after Randy Pitchford said that they have a “huge” secret game in development.

When asked about these rumours he replied: “Well, I’ll tell you, there’s a couple of games that Gearbox has announced. We’ve announced borderlands, and we’ve announced Aliens Colonial Marines with SEGA and Fox, and it’s no secret that we have some other things in development.”

A reporter for Euro gamer then asked: ” Is any of those Halo?”

All Randy did was laugh and say: “Haha! We’re not going to talk about anything…”

While Randy continued to laugh, you can tell that Gearbox is hiding something, hence, notice how Randy keeps his head down while laughing. Judge for yourself.
Watch the video here.

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  1. hmm the rumour does have some warrant and buzz around the internet, it would be kind of cool to have them back for Halo as they do have some other good games under their belt that are popular first person shooters such as brother in arms and some new game called borderlands which apparently is supposed to be revolutionary.

  2. Yeah, I’ve heard a bit about Borderlands, while the graphics for Borderlands are somewhat of a water art style, the game brags an insane amount of weapons.

  3. yeah im not really into the water art style games but they do claim some features in there that are supposed to be really good… what they are im not sure.

  4. Well, I’ve seen some game play and during the game play I saw that every time the player kills an enemy you gain experience points, maybe it’s a cross between FPS and RPG, and maybe one of the features include the biggest unlock able list in gaming history.

  5. Hmm, the rumors around Gearbox making a Halo are quite prolific. Surprisingly enough, internet rumors about videogames tend to be accurate in my experience. There were rumors for years about a more realistic, gritty tactical teamwork based Halo game being made by Gearbox.

    As for Borderlands, the game concept sounds interesting, but I’m not so sure if it will do well this Fall with the big games coming out.

  6. Im pretty sure the rumours are true, most of the major game syndications has picked up the story. As for Borderlands… I cant see myself playing a game based on water art especially a fighting/shooting game, I want to see crisp sharply rendered graphics, also gearbox… what’s up with the logo? have some originality… half life look-a-like

  7. Ok, I’ve just found out that the rumours are not real, Microsoft confirmed. they said that: “Gearbox are not working on a new Halo project.”

    It says it all…

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