DC Universe Online: Bizarro released

DC Universe Online: Bizarro released

Sony Online Entertainment reveals Bizzaro in DC Universe Online. As one of the greatest villans of all time and an almost complete opposite of Superman himself! Bizarro is sure to stir up some mess in the DC Universe Online.

In hopes of having a Superman of his very own, Lex Luthor called upon his top scientist Dr. Teng to scan and replicate the hero’s genetic structure. Due to complications in the construction of the carbon copy, their results gave birth to a monstrous menace, Bizarro.

Bizarro has a reputation on the streets of Metropolis that is the polar opposite of Superman’s. With freeze vision, flame breath, and strength to match Superman’s, Bizarro is a daunting enemy. Kryptonite, which can cripple Superman, actually gives Bizarro strength, giving him an advantage over Superman.

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