Call of Duty MW2 Demostrator Crashes

“Done the mountain we go, hey, you, move out the way!”

At this year’s Gamescom, a lot of game developers were showing off some more game play footage for their yet-to-be released titles.

One game that everyone was looking to see was of course, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The demonstration did not show new footage, which was a bit strange, but what happened around 4 minutes into the demonstration caused all spectators to be struck by confusion.


Something that people really want to know is, “was this intentional?”

After the death screen, the demonstration was “aborted”, some spectators have said.

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  1. It’s not being released for another 3 months so there’s plenty of time to fix it before it goes gold apart from the “glitch” that was some great gameplay even if I have seen most of it before. Awesome death screen though definitely an improvement over WaW and CoD4.

  2. @ Tobi.

    This isn’t a glitch, by “crashes” I meant that the demonstrator collides with another snowmobile.

    And yeah, the death screen is quite an improvement, nice one Infinity Ward, now I need to clean my screen.

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