Charity and Awareness: Gamer’s Alphabet Book

Charity’s awesome.  We all know that.  But if there’s one thing that we as gamers can agree upon, it’s that charity and gaming combined are even more awesome.  If you seriously don’t think so, then you’re probably one of those take-candy-from-a-baby types.  For those of you who do enjoy the fusion of giving and gaming, you may be interested in A Gamer’s Alphabet.

A Gamer’s Alphabet is basically a fun little book available through awareness blog Marisa’s Bunny that dedicates each letter of the alphabet to a different gaming term.  Why should you care?  Well, proceeds from the book will go to raising awareness about West Syndrome, or infantile spasms.  Though rare, this nasty epileptic disorder has been affecting infants for hundreds of years, and it would be nice to raise awareness on the matter.

Aside from doing something kind, you’ll also be getting a nice book with some pretty cool artwork in it.  (E for Easter Egg has one of the Rabbids looking rather silly as usual.)  This is the season of giving, and if you’re getting a small reward for sharing with others, that makes things even sweeter, right?  Check out Marisa’s Bunny for more information on infantile spasms and A Gamer’s Alphabet.

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