Teen Randomly Kidnapped By Angry Gamer

Teen Randomly Kidnapped By Angry Gamer

” It doesn’t get worse than this.”

Now, I’m pretty sure we have all gotten a bit frustrated over games or game consoles in the past, nobody likes a faulty console, and nobody likes a glitched game; one man showed his anger by randomly kidnapping a teenager after buying a console, and then wanting to give it back.

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What, why, when?

“A Salt Lake man was in jail Sunday night on accusations of kidnapping a teenager.

Police said the problem started with a dispute over a video game system.

Police said 21-year-old Jose Eduardo Espinosa-Arrellano bought a game system from an American Fork family, but later wanted to return it.

At the home an upset Espinosa pushed a 17-year-old into his car and drove him to Salt Lake County.

The teen jumped out of the car at a traffic light in Midvale and ran into a gas station. Police later arrested the man.”

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