Teen Randomly Kidnapped By Angry Gamer

” It doesn’t get worse than this.”

Now, I’m pretty sure we have all gotten a bit frustrated over games or game consoles in the past, nobody likes a faulty console, and nobody likes a glitched game; one man showed his anger by randomly kidnapping a teenager after buying a console, and then wanting to give it back.

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What, why, when?

“A Salt Lake man was in jail Sunday night on accusations of kidnapping a teenager.

Police said the problem started with a dispute over a video game system.

Police said 21-year-old Jose Eduardo Espinosa-Arrellano bought a game system from an American Fork family, but later wanted to return it.

At the home an upset Espinosa pushed a 17-year-old into his car and drove him to Salt Lake County.

The teen jumped out of the car at a traffic light in Midvale and ran into a gas station. Police later arrested the man.”

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. That’s what you get for being a console gamer, you never know.. 😀 Just kidding. The guy’s obviously a retard. But that isn’t something new. I remember some people kidnapping a Gun Bound fan to get his account credentials. After 8 hours of interrogation, they released him with nothing. The guy was pretty tough, protecting his account.

  2. And I thought banning two guys for “Taking the game too seriously” because they were raising a screaming fit over a death chest was as far as I would need to go.

    <_< Jack?

    Er… this isn’t really the first time people have thrown fits like this over games.

    <_< Jaaaaaaack?

    Makes me wonder what the guy was thinking. If you change your mind, and they wont take it back, sell it to someone else!

    <_< Jaaaaaaa- oh wait, he was disbarred, nevermind. XD

  3. You’ve never heard of the case where a teenager, slaughtered a stranger, because of a sword in Lineage 2? Accidents over games aren’t something new. Another case – a guy in Korea got banned and suicided.

  4. There are crazy people all over. This was a sick man and he needs to be punished. It makes you wonder who the mature one really was; it certainly wasn’t the kidnapping grown up. We all need to be careful in this crazy world of ours.

  5. Holy crap, iv heard of some pretty Effed up stuff but seriously over a game console? and its not like these people where a retail store.. you cant just return shit after you buy it from a garage sale or something, talk about buyers remorse.

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