Microsoft Patents New Invite System

The new “Viral” gaming system patented by Microsoft could offer similarities to Facebook, but exclusive to the Xbox 360

The new patent was registered by Gary Hall, director of platform development.

All of the new ideas by Microsoft are involved around the current party system. Many of them are simple involving “Tug of War” style contests where to players attempt to invite more friends than the other. They have also discussed the idea of a “Travel Diary” which would be passed along from player to player with each player submitting one comment.

Other ideas act as icebreakers for gamers who may be friends over Xbox Live but not know each other in real life. These include a game where players have to guess a phrase one word at a time and another game where a player gives a fact about themselves and others have to guess who the comment describes.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean these ideas will be implimented. Many patents are issued every day and never come into fruition.

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