Video Game Giveaway at! is a large online community based on trading and reusing DVD’s, books, CD’s and most importantly, Video Games. The system allows users to upload a gallery of all their media for other users to look through, if someone wants to borrow one of your games then you can pick from his/hers respective media gallery and arrange a “swap”, all online, and all for free. Another great aspect is that there is also a large emphasis on creating a system that reuses and recycles things we don’t need.

This allows you to get all those great games you have always wanted to play, but not wanted to pay top dollar for. These trades are all guaranteed and secured by Swaptree moderators and staff and you can even print the postage right from your computer!

Another great feature of SwapTree is an awesome iPod and Nintendo Wii giveaway they have for the next seven days. All you have to do is Tweet or Facebook them to receive your chance at these cool rewards.

For more information on the contest click HERE.

For a look at the media trading community click HERE.

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  1. Wow what a great service, I would love to get rid of some of my used games for new ones I have not played yet and the free ipod and wii giveaway is a great bonus!

  2. What a wonderful idea. I hadn’t heard of this website before, but it sounds just awesome, and I’ll be checking it out. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about it.

    I love the idea of recycling, and I think a lot of us like the idea of getting those games we can’t afford to pay top dollar for, and it lets us get rid of games we don’t play anymore.

    It’s just a great concept.

  3. Handy, I’ve not watched my Princess Mononoke DVDs in a while, and I can’t find anywhere that sells Elfen Lied (I avoid Credit Cards currently), so I could put this to some fair use.

    Although, I hope they have some protections in place for broken or pirated things in swaps.

  4. Oh my gosh! I have never heard of this website. Has anyone actually tried it? Any fees etc? I just want to know because I have a lot unused video games, books, and movies. Please and thank u!

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