Teen Torched Over $43 Video Game

A 15-year-old US boy was sprayed with rubbing alcohol before being set alight by a gang over a video game; The incident has been described by one officer as “the most heinous crime I have ever seen”.

Michael Brewer from Florida suffered second-degree burns across 80 percent of his body after the vicious attack at an apartment complex on Monday, CNN has reported.

Police officers have said that Michael was waiting for a group of friends after “wagging” school when he was approached by a group of youths.

Witnesses have said that they heard voices coming from the complex saying “he’s a snitch, he’s a snitch!” and “pour it on him”; These voices were heard moments before Michael was poured in flammable liquid, believed to be rubbing alcohol- and set alight.

Police have also said that Michael owed the suspect(s) a total of $43 for a video game that he had not paid for.

The suspect has stolen Michael’s father’s bicycle, which Michael reported before he was approached. The suspect was arrested on the day, taken to a detention centre, and released later to his parents.

On Tuesday, the day after Michael was attacked, 5 youths were arrested. Sergeant Steve Feeley has said as quoted:

“A couple of them last night were laughing about it,” he said.

“One of them arrested today seems genuinely sorry about it.”

A resident used a fire extinguisher before Michael jumped into the apartment complex’s swimming pool.

A couple of them last night were laughing about it,” he said.

“In my 31 years — I always say, ‘it’s the most heinous crime I’ve ever seen,’ ” Sheriff Al Lamberti told reporters.

Police have said that they are hoping to interview Michael tomorrow.

As soon as more info is released regarding the interview, I will post them up.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. I understand the loan but how does that tie in to the snitch claims? Maybe I’m missing something there. Regardless, this is indeed horrific and it’s disgusting as well. The boys need to be punished. If they think this is funny now, what will they think of even worse things when they are 21?

  2. Now that’s bad! People have fought for everything, but never over an unpaid video game! What could that suspects buy with 43$, a WOW account! Now they’re gonna rot in the juvenile prison.I hope they do. And I also hope everyone else learns a lesson!

  3. I was watching the news and they said it was over a bike. All the same, these kids deserve punishment.

    Sadly, they’ll probably stay in juvenile prison until they’re 18 and then be released when they go to trial as an adult for their “good behavior” in juvy.

    Our judicial system is awful and lets criminals like these kids take a free pass as long as they are still a minor and have good behavior while in juvy.

  4. Mhm, I think that if an adult would get more than ten years for the crime, then the kid should be tried as an adult. Or better yet, spends time in Juvie, then REAL JAIL.

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