Splinter Cell Website “Hacked”

Apparently, the official Splinter Cell website has been taken over by Russians, wait, I smell a stunt…

The announcement came when Ubisoft posted a message on Twitter (more game developers are starting to use it), stating that their website had been “hacked”, and they are trying to bring it back up “ASAP”. Here is the actual message posted by Ubisoft’s Twitter.

www.splintercell.com has been hacked. We are trying our best to resolve the situation and will update ASAP”

Upon entering the website, I was greeted with Russian text on the screen, followed by a paragraph also written in Russian. Seeing as I can’t read Russian, I decided to retreat to the marvellous creation that is Google Translator. I copied and pasted the Russian text and this is what it says in English.

“Update: secure connection will be restored within 72 hours. The external threat is under control. Use the core-0-Victor Romeo. Current level – Prospect. Route 27.”

Now, after I had finished reading it for the seventh time, I decided to look at the website again, this time I realised all the funny animation, now why would a group of “hackers” add animation such as a screen losing signal and a letter flashing, it’s almost as though Ubisoft staged this to gain some attention with the “Splinter Cell” name.

I might be wrong, but that’s just my opinion, go see for yourself and make your own decision.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. It’s quite obvious to anyone whose seen a hacked page. Hackers always place a logo and a link to their website, along with a giant, bolded message like “This page has been hacked by..”. And yeah, Russian hackers always spell everything in English.

  2. Ubisoft is probably trying to keep its Tom Clancy games relevant at a time when the Clancy brand name is losing its cachet. Let’s face it, the last book was not well received and it’s been nearly seven years since it was published, and the last Tom Clancy movie was not exactly a big hit.

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