Dad Shoots Son Over Missing Video Game

Dad Shoots Son Over Missing Video Game

It seems like more and more people are getting killed or seriously hurt over video games, but this… this tops the list.

A Houston judge has this morning raised the bond to $100,000 of a father who allegedly shot and killed his son after an argument over a video game.

The father, Otero had been drinking “heavily” on the night when he began arguing with his wife about a video game that he couldn’t find at 4:15 AM at the family house 7700 block of Corporate Drive.

Otero then began fighting with his son, Ignacio  A, who was 17 years old. During the fight, Otero had taken out his gun and loaded it, authorities have said.

“The son then proceeds to try and knock the gun away and then he runs away,“ Silva said.

As the teen began to run away, the father fired a round and the shot had allegedly hit his neck. Unfortunately, the boy died at the scene, this was when the father began to run.

“Police found Otero at an apartment complex about 2½ miles away in the 9000 block of Town Park. After a three-hour standoff with the HPD SWAT team, Otero surrendered to police at 11 a.m., Silva said.

Otero, who is facing a murder charge, has a prior criminal history in Harris County that includes a DWI conviction.”

I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that this has to be one of the most shocking events to occur which involves violence over video games.

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