Psych Patient Believes he’s in Silent Hill – Causes Blackout

This may be old news to some of you, with just a snippet of new information. For those of you who don’t know – a 35 year old psychiatric patient, Jan H, caused a black out at the Sophia hospital in Holland. He achieved this by making his way to the basement and interfering with the power grid, leaving the hospital without power for 45 minutes.

After the incident, the man pleaded insanity in court claiming he wasn’t aware of his actions. He believed that he was in Silent Hill and had a puzzle to solve.

Last Tuesday the man was found innocent, with the jury believing that his actions were not malicious. De Telegraaf (a Dutch newspaper) reported a statement from the presiding judge which, roughly translated, states;

“He thought he was in the video game Silent Hill, where turning knobs and levers felt like a puzzle that he could solve”

The security of the Hospital should be criticised for actually being lacking enough for the man to get down to the basement in the first place. Although a Hospital without power is an awful thing, the situation could have escalated further. What would have happened if he believed he was in GTA?

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