PSP Go Release Announcement

The PSP Go, which was one of the more widely rumored aspects of this years E3, has now been officially detailed by Sony in a recent conference. The PSP Go will be is the sleek new version of the Sony PSP, and well hit the shelves in North America on October 1st for a whopping $249. This new PSP is smaller, does not have a UMD drive or game changing upgrades such as a touch screen or anything revolutionary, but it will however have a slide-up screen.

The PSP Go’s sexy new design weighs far less than the original, a whole 43% lighter in fact. The screen is 3.8 inches across compared to the 4.3 screen on the previous PSP model. The PSP Go offers an impressive¬† 16GB of built in memory, however although this is great, not having a UMD drive means that users will not be able to use thier old PSP games on the new PSP Go.

Another exciting feature is the addition of Bluetooth integration to compliment the PSP’s WiFi internet. This means users will potentially be able to use Bluetooth headsets and speakers as well as possibly use 3G internet connections to play online games almost anywhere. Many other aspects of the PSP have stayed confortingly the same, such as the media capabilities and the Playstation 3 integration.

Sony also announced that the PSP Go will be complimented by a a variety of exciting titles from many of thier headlining franchises such as Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, MotorStorm Arctic Edge, and SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3. This will make the PSP Go all the more popular as these popular games are released on the new handheld console unit.

Although many people are excited for the PSP Go, one thing is for certain, it may be an upgrade, but in all reality, it is essentially an “upgraded PSP” and not the PSP2. There are many exciting new features, but having to purchase an entire new set of games is quite a burden, and the price is also rather high. There is also increased competition from the iPhone and Nintendo DSi to contend with. All in all, the PSP Go is something worth keeping an eye on, and also a definitive upgrade from the older and clunkier PSP.

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