Peripheral Company Confirm PSP-4000?

A recent advertisement for a collection of Little Big Planet Peripherals has clearly marked the PSP-4000 in its list of compatible systems. Either they’re jumping the gun slightly since the handheld is yet to be announced or they know something we don’t.

The advertisement was featured in issue 568 of MCV magazine with the peripherals in question being released by Accessories4Technology. The PSP-4000 has been rumored to be in the works for quite sometime. Analysts claim that a PSPgo with a UMD drive is highly likely considering Sony’s terrible luck with trying to push gamers towards digital media.


So what are your thoughts? Has someone at Accessories4Technology simply done some terrible research work or have they let slip on a project that Sony are being very quiet about?

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  1. hmm interesting, I havent heard to much about the psp 4000.. but same for the psp 3000; when I went to the store to buy it.. the clerk at futureshop didn’t even know it was released that day, in fact a few of them where surprised that they even had it.

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