Final Fantasy XIII release date?

Final Fantasy XIII release date?

Yoichi Wada of Square Exin has announced that they will be announcing a release date for Final Fantasy xiii to the Japanese game market: “We’ll be making an announcement in a few weeks.” (building up some excitment with a pre announcment to the announcment? .. haha).  The timing for the announcment would put the official release date news at or close to the Tokyo Games Show.  Previously, Square Enix gave the eagerly anticipated role-playing game a vague release window of “Winter 2009″. Of course only the PS3 version of the multi-platform game has been announced for Japan.

However we did not get any hints to a north american release date but should expect it within the same year as the Japanese release (crossing fingers).  Final Fantasy xiii got great reviews at E3 the graphics and game play look better then ever as seen in this Japanese trailer.

[gametrailers 50923]

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