Final Fantasy XIII release date?

Yoichi Wada of Square Exin has announced that they will be announcing a release date for Final Fantasy xiii to the Japanese game market: “We’ll be making an announcement in a few weeks.” (building up some excitment with a pre announcment to the announcment? .. haha).  The timing for the announcment would put the official release date news at or close to the Tokyo Games Show.  Previously, Square Enix gave the eagerly anticipated role-playing game a vague release window of “Winter 2009”. Of course only the PS3 version of the multi-platform game has been announced for Japan.

However we did not get any hints to a north american release date but should expect it within the same year as the Japanese release (crossing fingers).  Final Fantasy xiii got great reviews at E3 the graphics and game play look better then ever as seen in this Japanese trailer.

[gametrailers 50923]

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  1. Yeah, but this one is only coming out in Japan thus far, I don’t expect it to be released in north america earliest 2010. It is better then in the past when Final Fantasy 3 and 4 where out.. I remember my Japanese buddies where 2 versions ahead of us or something like that.

  2. Yeah, 2, 3, and 5 were never released in the US until recently. US 2 was 4, and US 3 was 6. I should point out that using the American numbers is an easy way to get hung from a tree and shot nowadays. XD

    Not as though FF2 was a big loss, it was bad, it was grind, and the last boss could be killed in two shots with the blood sword if you wanted. Hell, everything could be killed by the blood sword in two shots. Get both of them for instant kills all over the place XD

  3. umm… its because its a Japanese development company and Japan is always a test bed for electronics and video games due to the fact that more of the population play the games and trends go very quickly. Japan has always been leading edge in this industry, plus like I said it is a Japanese game that was only ported over to North America later.

  4. “That’s not fair how they acquire the games before us.”

    It’s actually quite fair that they acquire the game before North America, and any other country as a matter of fact.

    The painstakingly obvious reason behind this is… well… they did make the game, so they should at least get to play it first….right?


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